By Mellbin Simangolwa

Zambia has grown past tribalism. The attempts by the former head of state and his team to divide the nation through tribal conflicts must be condemned by all well meaning Zambians.

It is not a secret that Edgar Lungu has never beaten Hakainde Hichilema on the polls that’s why the petition was never heard. Edgar Lungu disregarded the constitution and refused to step aside as President during the hearing of the petition because Lungu knew that he cannot beat Hakainde Hichilema on competition provided there was a fair playing field. It is the reason why he refused to face Hichilema in a Presidential debate.

Country Men and Women, remember in 2021 when God blinded Edgar Lungu and made him unleash soldiers on the street? PF cadres were paralyzed, the playing field became fair and Lungu lost with an embarrassing margin of One million votes. From the day ECZ started counting the votes Lungu never at any time took the lead over Hichilema.

With this background, Edgar Lungu knows what awaits him in 2026. His only option now is to incite citizens to rise against the legitimate government of President Hakainde Hichilema using the tribalism agenda. But Lungu forgets that if conflict started in this country, even him will not be spared. That boy Munir Zulu will not be spared if civil war broke out in this country. Those clergymen holding dark corner meetings with Lungu will not be spared if a State of Emergency is to be declared because of tribal conflicts. Let them think before they go ahead with their agenda. Zambia is bigger than any person’s political agenda.

Let us be responsible as a country in the manner we trade on the peace that this country is enjoying. Let us draw lessons from our neighbors who are struggling to grow any crop because of conflicts. We are struggling with mealie meal smuggling because our neighbors have no food because of conflicts. Do we also want to start surviving on smuggled mealie meal because we want to please Edgar Lungu? God has blessed Zambia with fertile arable land, good weather and peace. Why should we run away from this country and become refugees because of a few careless and greedy individuals?

We must put an end to this tribal agenda with immediate effect. The Security wing must thwart this agenda with the force it deserves. Anyone threatening the peace and security of this country must face the full wrath of the law. We must send strong warning and use the current culprits as an example to future offenders.

One Zambia One Nation, Thank

Mellbin Simangolwa
Copperbelt Businessman


  1. Peace and Democracy are fragile twins!
    To safeguard these 2 precious commodities, the Law must be stiffened against all peddling tribal hate speech!
    Just telling people to be responsible is a waste of time because some people are naturally not responsible!
    As for war, it will not happen!
    Zambia has intermarried too much! Those who think they have support in tribal hate speech should think twice. Zambians will fight to defend the peace!
    Civilian citizens should be mindful we have many retired soldiers in Zambia who are not going to sit back and allow the country to go up in flames because of one selfish individual called Lungu!
    We know the dirty games he wants to play but let him be warned it will not work in Zambia!
    Our allegiance as military is to the current Commander in Chief and Zambia! We don’t get involved in stupid partisan politics or stupid tribal hate speech!
    Looking at the discipline National Service and Military training imparts to those who go through this rigorous training, I think it’s high time to do what UK wants to re-introduce. Compulsory National Service training for ALL school leavers!
    It’s the only way to protect the peace!
    Disciplined forces are genuinely Patriotic citizens!
    ECL must tread carefully!
    His evil plans will explode in his face!
    Watch the space!

  2. PF, violent in power, violent out of power!
    Please note that ka faza is not Zambian, Ask Savior Mutwale.
    It’s no wonder he cares less about the peace of this nation. Then his chola (ukwa?) boys follow him blindly, being led into fire.

  3. What is wrong with you people,especially you Simangolwa? Quote: “..attempts by the former head of state and his team to divide the nation…” You know who is dividing the nation! Dr Kenneth Kaunda the founding father of your nation predicted this moment. Learn to interpret data objectively Simangolwe. People are merely expressing their displeasure with your government in the only way the common man knows while risking arrest. I concede that name calling and tribal remarks is crass.

    • Ba Bystander, tribalism was a defacto PF policy and they actively promoted it. Remember Ms. Nkandu Luo’s utterances in Chilubi Island during parliamentary by-elections? How about Mr. Kambwili’s tribal campaigns using a helicopter provided by Mr. Lungu? And the many Southerners, Westerners and Northwesterners who were retired in “national interest”?

      I am ashamed that my kinsmen were associated with such blatant tribalism. The PF reign was truly a dark hour for our nation.

      The shocking thing is the hypocrisy of Mr. Lungu’s. Who did he allow to protest? He had his “bone crusher” police commissioner, Bonny Kapeso, who threatened fire and brimstone at any sign of dissent. Today, Mr. Lungu and his ilk are all over the media saying all sorts of seditious nonsense which they would never have tolerated during their despotic rule, including threatening tribal wars!

      These are extremely selfish individuals whose only preoccupation is self preservation. They care nothing for our country. They are determined to “ukufilila mu nsenga”. The law enforcement agencies must handle them with a firm hand before they set our nation on fire.

  4. Mr corrupt Chagwa, Zulu and the effing so called clergyman be careful, your time will come (again) to be beaten.
    Chikala Chagwa should be hanged by his small balls from a tree and Zulu should be hanging next to chikala Chagwa.
    Zambians…….do you want to go to PF again, are Zambians so stupid that we forget what lungu did. Zambians stop being baffoons, we are better than lungu, UKA, Zulu, and all the thugs of PF.
    Think with your heads and not your tribe

  5. I have always said HH must allow the police to deal with ECL. He was in power and he and his wife and children plundered with impunity, his ministers, cadres and corrupt government civil servants looted…after we ejected him, RB saved him anticipating justice, which RB himself escaped under Sata, HH was tricked to promise not to touch ECL and typical ECL now wants to destabilize the nation so that we bring him back to steal and kill again. I like what he said about becoming tough now. We want to see ECL vuvuzelas like Munir Zulu given long stretches in jail, Nawakwi given long jail time, Jay Jay, who made somebody drink his urine and fake an abduction jailed, Fred warned and possibly given a ka short visit to Mwembeshi, ka Binwell given a visit to Kamfinsa then normalcy will be restored.


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