Let us condemn tribalism under the UPND administration – DR. M’MEMBE



…let us condemn tribalism under the UPND administration – DR. M’MEMBE

Lusaka… Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Socialist Party (SP) President Dr Fred M’membe has called for all stakeholders and the nation at large to condemn tribalism that is being perpetuated the UPND government.

And Dr M’membe has accused President Hakainde Hichilema of bringing division in the country as never witnessed before.

The SP Leader was speaking, Monday, when he featured on Prime Television Program dubbed ‘Oxygen of Democracy’.

He said the UPND government is a regime that is scared of honest criticism which can be seen in the way it stops opposition parties from holding rallies.

“I have never seen the worst form of tribalism as I’m seeing today, just look at the composition of the public sector, look at the job distributions and so on. And I’m not the only one talking about it, people are complaining about it, everyone is complaining about tribalism. And people are being intimidated from talking about tribalism,” he said.

“Mr Hichilema has divided the country in the way that this country has never been divided before. These are the worst tribalist but they want to shut everyone who is talking about tribe. But they won’t succeed, how many people will they arrest? You have the fire, but you want to deal with the smoke. Deal with the fire not the smoke”.

Dr M’membe said Government wants to intimidate people by charging them with hate speech when they are the ones practicing tribalism.

“These are fundamental human rights, the right to assemble, the right to protest, demonstrate and the freedom of speech. We fought for these liberties because these are fundamental human rights and when fundamental human rights are violated there is concern and we are concerned,” he said.

“We know they are scared of honest criticism and explanations from opposition parties as it will undermine their hold on to power if there is insecurity then why just the opposition, UPND holds rallies. It’s almost three years down the line and there has been no single rally for the opposition. This does not make sense because we have held rallies before in this country under a state of emergency”.

The opposition Socialist Party was on Saturday blocked from holding its public rally at Kitwe’s Changanamai grounds despite police giving them a go-ahead a day prior.


  1. Prime tv be careful with what you are doing!!!!! fuledi mmembe panyo pamako you are the one who started championing tribalism in Zambia through your paper post news paper.you are dog chikala

  2. What is clear is that they are comfortable with the current tribalism they are dishing out. They can not stop. They are loving it!

    They are forgetting that they will sooner or later be served this same dish. Cold.

    Vote wisely in 2026.

    • You and your dreaming! There’s only tribalism in your rotten head and very soon you will be shocked again because HH7 is here to stay
      Surely you must be a blind person because you have failed to see how our country is changing for the better under HH7, our great leader, despite natural disasters that have befallen us
      Vote wisely vote for HH7 in 2026/31

  3. Dr Fred M’membe is a desperate and frustrated person who has nothing tangible to offer to the Zambian people apart from spreading the same old style rhetoric talk about tribalism. He is the originator and father of tribalism and hate speech in Zambia. He is full of bitterness, envy, jealous and vengeance towards president Hikainde Hichilema.

    Fred M’membe’s talk has always been that of fueling tribal talk and fake accusations against UPND. This evil man’s tongue should be tamed. At first he used his defunct Post Newspaper to propagate tribalism and hate speech against
    president Hikainde Hichilema unfortunately his evil schemes failed terribly. Which tribalism is he talking about which he cannot provide evidence and proof? A bitter and envious soul is always good at spreading lies and talking nonsensical things. Even if he was given a platform to hold public rallies what good things can come out of an evil bitter soul of Fred M’membe. In the past he deceived himself by thinking that he had great political influence on the people Zambia yet his hypocritical behaviour has failed him. The devil comes but to steal, kill and destroy, however the devil is a defeated foul. The unity and peace we have been enjoying cannot be destroyed by the evil one. God Almighty will continue prevailing against evil schemes and evil agendas in this country.

  4. It’s people like chikala Fred, PF, and Lungu who created tribalism in Zambia.
    These satan nyoko’s are the most tribalist in Zambia and they have the cheek to call UPND TRIBALIST……..
    Baboons are better than Fred and gang
    Matoleh yo weh

  5. Tribal talk is spearheaded by you Fred.”Umwimbo loti to monyoloti”, Lozi saying he who talks about witch is is the witch himself.He is the wizard.Mambo in Swahili language.One can’t be talking tribal every day like he is talking about nice food.He loves it he is the father of tribalism him self.He started long time ago.How can he be president like that.He is deviding the nation with his talk.All he knows is tribe talk,you see even tomorrow he will talk about it.That is his delicacy,he feeds on it.He sings tribal talk on daily basis.

  6. This tribal talk was started by Sata. Then it was blown out of proportion by the top notch.
    Now we have M’membe as the vuvuzela.
    Zambians know this too well. We will not entrust our country in the hands of such people, no!


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