´Let us save Zambia´s democracy´ says 6th President Edgar Lungu

…during rare press conference, calls for opposition unity

From ECL Press Conference


The sixth President of Zambia H.E Edgar Lungu has called on all opposition parties to unite and work together to stop Zambia from declining from a democratic to a dictatorship Africa state almost sixty years after independence from colonialism.
The former President, fresh out of retirement, beat the opposition clarion unity call in Lusaka weeks after giving up luxurious privileges accorded to retired Zambian heads of states that include cars, houses and security including a hefty salary to ´save democracy´ he stated in a live speech broadcast nationwide.

“I am exceedingly humbled by the unanimous positive response from my brothers and sisters in opposition,” President Lungu said, “opposition must join hands to defend Zambia´s democracy before it dies…working together we can conquer and overcome those (in ruling party UPND) trying to kill our democracy.”

In an open call for unity, the sixth President extended an invitation to ´work with all´ the major opposition parties and leaders (named in the speech individually) to save Zambia from open dictatorial tendencies he said are being practiced by President Hichilema and his UPND.
Reflectively, the PF President praised all the influential church mother bodies, the law association of Zambia and other civil society groups for voicing out against ´arbitrary arrests´ and prolonged detentions that have become normal in Zambia since President Hichilema assumed office in August 2021.
“I come back to politics not just to save PF but to save the democracy our forefathers hard fought for almost sixty years ago and I am ready to go all the way even in the face of my immunity being lifted while working with fellow brothers and sisters from the opposition,” President Lungu said.

Calling for resilience among lovers of democracy in Zambia, President Lungu cautioned that no matter how some people chose to ´look the other way´, “No one will be spared” for prosecution and persecution under President Hichilema, as he targets perceived enemies.
Of greater concern, the lawyer turned President bemoaned the fact that the autonomy line between the three arms of government, Legislature, Executive and Judiciary remains blurred now.

“The blatant breach of the constitution in parliament is sad while the judiciary is openly on trial here today,” said the former President in reference to Speaker Nellie Mutti´s recent wanton disregard of the constitution in recognising a rebel legislator called Miles Sampa as the new President of PF even in the face of a court order.

President Lungu urged the judiciary to deliver justice in a transparent manner because, “justice must be seen to be done” as they currently appear to be compromised and on trial.


  1. The correct statement should read:
    Let us save Zambia from Lungu and his violent and Lawless gang!
    Should Zambians be naive to bring back Lungu and his vicious gang, let the docile Zambians be enslaved by PF for a 1,000 years!

  2. Actually it was you who killed democracy in our country during your time , so you can’t even have shame to be talking about it , do you know the meaning of democracy you? I can’t blame you because you have been surrounded by evil people who can not advise you properly even you yourself you have stopped thinking properly as older as you are sure sure. Wakeup from slumber and start thinking like a normal person……. You are out of power and you will never come back again l can assure you kkkkkkkk. You can take it or leave it , advise is free .

  3. ECL is not the answer we need. But neither is Hakainde.

    Cost of living will play the biggest part in 2026.

    Pick ECL, and we get cadres back, but cost of living would reduce significantly. National assets would belong to Zambians, but debt would rise further as infrastructure development would increase.

    Pick Hakainde, and we get a one party state, with even higher cost of living. But fewer cadres. National assets will belong to white foreigners, and infrastructure development would be zero. Debt would however be under control.

    This is the choice voters have to make.

    • You’re such a dreamer. Cost of living would come down under ECL!! He borrowed, the shared the money and defaulted living us in this mess. Tell us what you are smoking or drinking!

    • What deludes us to think ECL will reduce the cost of living when his recless record is there for us all to see?
      Ba Sata, great son of the soil, stabilized our Kwacha by decisively rebasing our Kwacha, something leading Economists were against.
      K100 Kwacha was real money under ba Sata. Then came ba ECL who went on a thieving rampage under the guise of “Ubomba Mwibala” and the remnant of ba Sata’s infrastructure development! The original Sata plans were modified.
      Just ask yourself where Zambia would be if RB was not around in 2021? ECL would not have handed over power peacefully!
      ECL has nothing to offer!
      His quest to come back to power is motivated by the self-serving desire to maintain his immunity from prosecution for all his crimes!
      Equally, the ineptitude of HH and UPND is what has motivated this ECL comeback!

  4. Save it from being restored? You love and strive in chaos! So the way we are leaving no is bad? Had you been a good lawyer you could have gone back and start practising as a lawyer. Alas you were a bad and crooked one and you’re scared you won’t get any clients. So the only thing you know is imingalato that can only be achieved through crookedness. You have no message and even when you were president for 7 years, you never wanted to talk to the Zambians apart from telling them you had no vision. Apart from crookedness, the only other skills you showed are drinking and dancing (). Zambia now need leaders who don’t have vision, sincerity, integrity and ethical at all levels. You lack all of them. Shame on you for even mastering the courage to come and say that. Save your time on attending your family’s court cases till immunity is removed for you to face your own music. Look at how selfish you are? Having noticed that you had no message in 2021, you sacrificed the useless and clueless Kambwili to go on rampage preaching and spewing hatred all over the country using tax payers money helicopter. Where is Kambwili now? As a President at the time you didn’t see anything wrong. You expect Zambians to miss this shameless, clueless and self-centred leadership. GO AND TAKE A COLD SHOWER TO GET YOUR SENSES BACK. YOU DESTROYED CAREERS OF MANY VERY GOOD PEOPLE. THOSE WHO STOOD THEIR GROUND AND THOSE HAD NO COURAGE TO SO.

  5. ELC and his clique of thieves cannot talk about democracy when during the 2021 elections in the barbaric democratic wisdom stopped HH from going out to champaign by cancelling his flight permits and blocking all the roads using ZAF and the police. Lungu lost the election to someone who didn’t even have a chance to champaign. Had he campaigned it was going to be 3.8M to 0.8M. They are busy salivating after seeing the goodwill support, interest in foreign investments and donations from Zambia’s supporting partners. That’s the money they want to come and loot. If Lungu continues ranting like a drunken man and goes on like this the LEA will visit him so he can test the inside of prison. When did Lungu know about democracy? When Nsanda picked up boys from the stations to lift hands up at Mulungushi. Instead of threatening first pay back the money you were getting after your fake retirement. The government should wake and audit all the previous elections won. We would also want to know whether he was legally sown in 2016.


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