let’s reclaim our Democracy and Constitutionalism by engaging in mass actions and national-wide shutdown- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba writes:

National-wide Shutdown

This amendment to the Patriotic Front Office Bearers remains illegal.

Like the illegal changes at Parliament or anywhereelse, the Extra-Ordinary General Conference that made Miles Sampa PF President, remains illegal and was held outside the provisions of the Patriotic Front Constitution.

The Patriotic Front shall NOT be stolen by a stooge installed by President Hakainde Hichilema.

The assault on Democracy requires that Zambians of well-meaning intentions, fight and protect the Constitution and Democracy.

Parliament, Courts and Registrar of Societies will NOT deliver Justice.

Family let’s reclaim our Democracy and Constitutionalism by engaging in mass actions and national-wide shutdown.


  1. The problem with PF is that they never want to take responsibility for their failures. They always want to blame someone else whenever they face challenges. These problems they are currently facing are self inflicted and they should not blame anything. It’s common knowledge that nature does not like a vacuum so it always strive fill the vacuum and restore a balance. PF have had leadership vacancies (leadership vacuum) for over two years surely was this a UPND doing? Besides, in all their claims of UPND involvement in their internal wrangles, they have not provided not even a single evidence of UPND involvement. Not any communication, not any financial transactions or any other evidence to indicate the involvement of UPND.
    To make matters worse, instead self introspection to get to the root cause, they are busy blaming others as if it will help them.

  2. When your cardres threatened everyone, including judges, during your chipani era you never mobilized anyone against such acts. Now that you the culprits and victims you want us to cry with you. You’re alone baba, we shall just be spectators, we are not part of the chipani family. Sort out your mess.

  3. These pfidiots don’t seem to realize that for an act to be illegal, it has to done outside the Laws of Zambia, the Republican Constitution. What Miles did was within.

    The pf constitution like toilet paper, tissue, can be used anyway one feels like. The sameway ecl used it to wipe himself to become pf president, so has Miles done also to become pf president!

    So as you go on nation wide shutdown of ifumbusu fyenu, just remember your Gunyu likes ukuinyelawila……

  4. Ahahahhaa PF really overrates it’s self!!lol they are like mmmebe socialist party.
    They think zambians will join their stupid hate crusade.
    They caused problems in their stupid party by not replacing lungu after 2 years at a general conference they get dribbled by sampan they blame HH.

  5. Please can we help this Miscreant of a former Ambassador to a mental facility. What mass action is he speaking about. Lunatic

  6. Put your wife and children in front do not use other people’s children who never benefited and will never benefit from that nonsense. Marubish bati

  7. If it were mwine munshi, he would just laugh at you and say; Mr.Mwamba, don’t think I am children, okay. That’s why you have messed up yourselves and it’s now dawning on you that you have lost it to Sampa. Instead of doing the needful for your party, you are always making noise attacking HH and his government day and night. Now you want us to join you in your own mess, why should you involve us in PF matters which we have nothing to do with? Go ahead yourself and begin the demonstrations and you will be the first one to be arrested. It’s like the first arrest was not enough and when you are arrested this time, don’t cry wolf. We know that your aim is to cause chaos and tarnish the image of the government both locally and internationally. Ourselves, the only democracy we know is for Zambia and not for PF, if you have lost the PF one, go and reclaim it from Sampa otherwise the Zambian democracy is in safe hands under Bally and Zambians have nothing to demonstrate for.

  8. We already have our democracy and peace what’s there to complain about? Sort out democratic values within your party, don’t involve us.

  9. This PF prikhead has now lost it altogether! Demonstrate for PF? He surely is a Chainama case and needs to get his head checked!
    These are the mother fckers that unleashed their violent cadres on us and today you think you can use us to fight your battles!
    Go and tell your father to piss off or hang himself if he thinks we are here for his stupidity. A chancer made a president, tell him he is now nothing but a heap of dog shit!

  10. If it is PF govt that caused so much missery to the pipo of Zambia not long ago thinking they would forever be in power, it is good that circumstances of which I have no hand in are playing to kill the party of those same former leaders whom i had always wished to point a gun at to kill them. How nice it is to see that their party is dying without my hand in it and so without me having to go to prison for murder!

  11. Organise your family and relatives to do that . Who are you to involve citizens in your party squabbles? You have been dribbled by miles , look at you, the whole lot of you. Problem is you have been busy focusing all your energy on bally . Even before 2021 you were on bally and you ended up losing elections. Now you have lost positions to miles. Bally in opposition was focusing his eyes on the ball while you were focusing on him, even other opposition leaders had their eyes on bally. They never learnt anything, too backwards and blank in the head .

  12. Ba Mwamba, honestly you want your small PF hiccup to become a universal crisis? Please leave us out of this PF self inflicted foolishness. We have better things to attend to.

    Compared to your reign of terror, we are in heaven and enjoying every bit of HH’s reign. He has brought sanity to a situation of total entropy. Ati, let us reclaim back our democracy! We lost our democracy and constitutionality under your PF and reclaimed it under HH. You want to take us back to your PF dark age? Is that what you call democracy?

    PF is the true representation of hypocrisy, lies and lawlessness.


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