LETTER: Bye, I am Going Back To My People And Country Barotseland- Clement Sinyinda Exits Government Position



By Barotseland Watchdog

Former Ngambela CLEMENT SINYINDA Wainyae has flashed out his government position as Teaching Commission Member immediate effect after reckless words from President Hakainde Hichilema that Barotseland does not exist.

In a resignation letter to President CLEMENT SINYINDA Wainyae said following words the president uttered on 18th January, 2024 that there is no Barotseland in the world, he took time to ponder and wait to hear whether President Hakainde Hichilema would remorseful enough and apologise to the Litunga , Kuta and indeed the people of Barotseland, but Alas he never heard anything from him.

“As a result of this i have today the 5th February,2024 decided to resign from your Government as a Commissioner from the Teaching Service Commission and Go back to my people and my country.” Resignation letter for Sinyinda reads.


  1. Let these idiots never come to Lusaka or sny other town for anything, let them produce everything they need economically, physically and materially.

    And do not let any idiot ever include Copperbelt and other towns in their nonsense, all provinces in Zambia except probably “western” belong to unitary Zambia. STUPID IDIOTS.

  2. You can go well cousen let’s hope your records are clean otherwise if you stall anything from the zambian government the law will visit you and charge you for inciting the people of western province to rise against the government

  3. Good riddance..appointing dinosaurs, ancients who are stuck in fake history is a problem….
    The President was correct. There is no Country called Barotse Land in the World.Yes you are going back to Western Province, which includes Barotse Land, Nkoya Land, Luvale Land, Chokwe Land and Mbunda Land.

  4. The fool is fake. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Note people who live in the plains are called Malozi and also known as Bulozi otherwise Buloziland not Barotse land. The word Barotse is Sotho language. Western province is not Barotselant.

  5. It’s normal to resign from a government position, is it not what Kalaba and GBM did? There is nothing strange here. Your resignation does not change anything, there is no country called Barotseland and the people of Western Province are not your people. When did they become your people? To claim that there is country called Barotseland is just as good as saying there are districts called Mankoya and Balovale in Barotseland. Don’t incite people for nothing, we are interdependent as the President rightly put it. The day Western will separate, that will be the beginning of its misery. For example, Zambia will withhold its currency, Zambia will switch off its power and then you will be celebrating your independence in the dark. Why are some of us Africans so selfish? Looking at your age you are already old and soon you will say bye not to Zambia but to Mother Earth not knowing the misery and suffering you will leave behind for the young ones and all the future generations of Barotseland. If the Copper rich Katanga has remained depended on Zambia for most of its goods and services it requires, what gives you confidence that Barotseland can stand on its own? That’s self delusional, think of others and their future and not yourself. Me I have properties in Western Province and a lot of people from Western Province have properties in Zambia, we don’t support your idea.

  6. Time to get the truth into your heads is now. The president just hit the nail on its head and told the naked truth. There is no country called Barotseland and it will never exist anywhere…..

  7. Yes, let Clement Sinyinda go. One of the divisive figures from Western province and nobody will miss him.
    We cant tolerate a situation where the Lozis are blackmailing the Govt with their illegal colonial piece of legislation, the Barotseland Agreement that has already been repealed. They are not thinking anymore.


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