It is a blessing to be the 7th president of Zambia; 7 is a very significant number in the spiritual realm. 7 means complete, may you complete all the work that lays ahead of your tenure of office. 7 means accomplishment, may you accomplish so much in your tenure of office. 7 also means rest, may the people of Zambia rest from the economic turmoil that they have suffered under the PF Government. Mr president this is the reason it has taken you this long for you to become the 7th president of Zambia so that people can see the glory of God unfolding. God’s time is the best Ecclesiastes 3 vs 11 “He has made everything beautiful in its time”. Sir, you have come a long way in this fight for Justice and economic liberation. You have gone through so much pain and fought so many endless battles. All this was for a reason and purpose.

You have asked yourself so many questions, it has nothing to do with you and it is not your fault. I remember in South Africa when I heard you speak of your incarceration and how you were mistreated. These were your words and I quote “I wouldn’t want any human being to go through what I went through in prison including the people who did that to me”. I was touched and uncontrollably shed tears of love and pain at the same time. God was preparing you for the right time to become the 7th president of Zambia and that right time is 2021. You were labelled bitter and desperate for power, but all your predictions of bad governance repercations by the PF Government has come to pass.

We all know now that you are the right man for the job which is to drive our Nation forward towards real economic development .We know that you are a Shepard boy and like the biblical famous Shepard boy David, the 7th son of Jessie did for the Nation of Israel, we need that Shepard boy anointing in you for the benefit of this great nation of Zambia. The man of the moment, the Moses of this generation and now the people’s choice. Your time has come sir. The man of 1 wife not given to wine. This is the first leadership quality anywhere, to head your own house and control your children which you have proven and everyone is able to see.

Your track record speaks for itself; Integrity is your middle name; you are an example and inspiration to every young person in our generation. You really inspire us. For your own information Mr president four years ago, I was on board on the same plane with you from Johannesburg to Lusaka. It was amazing as you were sited 3 roles behind me and as you passed by on your way to your seat you greeted me. I was humbled at the gesture that one of the richest men in Zambia and president of the largest political party in Zambia was on a plane sitting just like an ordinary person. To me that was humility at its best.

You would have simply used a private jet or you could have been in business class like other heartless people do with tax payers money. But you wanted to interact with the people. From that day my love for you grew even more. My prayer is that God may grant you the desire of your heart which is an opportunity to govern the great Nation of Zambia.
I have no doubt you will deliver and unite our nation.

You will prove your critics wrong and inspire the nation to not just dream but realise our dreams even beyond our expectations. With the guidance of our Almighty God I urge you not to lose focus and work hardest for the benefit of all Zambians just like you have done in your personal business life . Your idea to replace the culture of “parte after parte” with one of “work after work” is the way to go because time is not with us. More than 50 years after independence we are still dwarfed economically and still importing more than we export! Thank you Mr president for taking your precious time to read this letter, you are the Hope and the Help of this great Nation of Zambia. God bless you, your family and the people of Zambia.

Yours faithfully,

*Alfred Mwahamubui Mukuni,*



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