LGBTQ rights activist from Uganda stabbed “near death”


A well-known activist for LGBTQ rights in Uganda, Steven Kabuye, was stabbed almost to death by unknown attackers while he was going to work this morning, according to his organization.

“He is very sick, and we hope you can pray for him,” said Coloured Voice -Truth to LGBTQ on social platform X.

A video on Mr. Kabuye’s account showed him in a lot of pain, with a knife in his stomach and an obvious cut on his arm.

Frank Mugisha, who fights for people’s rights, said that Uganda should not have hate crimes.

He said on X that we want the police to do a complete investigation.

The police have not said anything yet.

Uganda made one of the strictest laws against being gay last year.

The law made a lot of people around the world very angry. The World Bank stopped giving money to Uganda and the US stopped letting certain officials from Uganda into the country.

Anyone found guilty of being part of homosexual acts could go to jail for their whole life under the law.

Rights organizations want the highest court to cancel the law because they think it goes against the rights of fairness and respect.

The government is saying that the law protects the values of traditional families and is arguing in the case.

Rights groups reported that over 300 LGBTQ people in Uganda were abused in the first eight months of last year. The abuses included beatings, torture, arrests, and being forced out of their homes.


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