By Dr. Chishimba Kambwili
15 july 2019
I am not interested in rejoining PF and at no point have I ever called President Lungu to ask for readmission into PF. Davies Mwila is merely hallucinating and in turn embarrassing the head of state because as an opposition leader I have every right to call the President to offer him counsel and direction on matters to do with national interest And I do not think President Lungu can divulge such.

That being said I can only ask the general public to ignore Mwila’s uncoordinated lies and rantings. I am a man of principle and I am firmly focused on delivering with the National Democratic Congress, the fastest growing political party. My resolve has been and will continue to be about providing viable alternative leadership. I understand the rate at which the NDC is growing coupled with the rate at which the economy is dwindling makes Mwila uneasy because just like the rest of his colleagues no one really knows if they will wake up with a job tomorrow.

To cut the long story short. Davies Mwila is lying about me communicating to Lungu just like he lied that he would resign if NDC beat PF in roan. Kindly treat his false statement with the contempt it deserves.

By the way Davies should know he is an outgoing SG who will soon be jobless. His replacement is waiting in the stands.
Dr. C Kambwili
President – National Democratic Congress.


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