Linda Masarira Calls for All-Inclusive Power-Sharing to Address Zimbabwe’s Electoral Dispute

Linda Masarira

In a press statement released today, Linda Tsungirirai Masarira, the President of the political party LEAD, proposed an all-inclusive power-sharing arrangement as the way forward for Zimbabwe in light of the disputed 2023 elections.

Masarira emphasized the need to reduce political polarization, prevent civil conflict, and ensure the participation of all political parties and civil societies in the government.

“As a political party that was involved in the Zimbabwean 2023 elections LEAD propose that since the elections stand disputed the only way forward is an all inclusive power-sharing arrangement.

“The LEAD proposed Power-sharing arrangement aims to reduce the risk of continued political polarization and possibility of civil conflict by guaranteeing all political parties and civil societies a role in the Zimbabwean government, directly or indirectly, thus lessening the stakes of political contestation.

According to Masarira, the contested elections have left the country in a state of uncertainty and risk of further conflict with only a power-sharing arrangement able to mitigate these risks by granting representation to various political stakeholders, thereby reducing the intensity of political competition,” said Masarira.

Masarira underscored the multifaceted role of elections in a democracy. She noted that elections not only determine representatives but also form governments and confer legitimacy on the political system.

LEAD President argued for a power-sharing agreement that lays the groundwork for better electoral practices and conditions.

Masarira pointed out that Zimbabwe’s history of post-election violence and polarized politics necessitates a new approach.

She expressed concerns over the premature holding of elections without addressing underlying issues and highlighted the need for comprehensive electoral reforms.

Power-sharing, in her view, could provide a crucial opportunity for national healing and realigning laws to the constitution.


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