Trust Litunga Edwin Lubosi Imwiko II at own risk

You remember the story of HH. Litunga invited him to come for Kuomboka Ceremony. BRE and Litunga further asked HH to support them financially.

HH gave Litunga 20animals and thousands of money towards Kuomboka Ceremony. BRE and Litunga pocked the money.

HH was arrested for a traffic offence. He was charged with treason. All the Chiefs in Zambia spoke Churches spoke against his incarceration.

BRE refused to speak even if there are the ones who invited him. The time when they decided to speak , they just came out to conderm HH respect President Edgar Changwa Lungu.

Even as we write , HH is not loved by the Litunga.

It is now 7years since Afumba Mombotwa and others were arrested. No single word from Litunga and BRE. Who betrayed Afumba ? It is BRE and the Litunga.

Who is currently trying to send young Barotseland Activist Munyinda Munukayumbwa to jail , it is the same Litunga.

Can someone today call the people of Barotseland to protect the Litunga not to go to Court since he has a Court issue?

Go and defend him …when you will be arrested or when you face Zambian Courts don’t complain ..he will leave you alone just as above. -Barotseland Watchdog


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