….already a lot of small businesses are struggling to thrive during this load shedding, says ZUPED

Lusaka… Monday April 15, 2024 (SMART EAGLES)

The Zambians for Peace Unity and Development (ZUPED) anticipates an increase in the collapse of small businesses due to the continued load shedding being implemented by power utility company, Zesco Ltd.

ZUPED President Ronnie Jere says his organization has interacted with a number of small business owners who have complained that the current load shedding is negatively impacting their businesses.

Mr Jere told Smart Eagles via telephone that not all small business holders can manage to invest in alternative sources of energy and equipment to support their businesses.

Mr Jere has also observed that the staggered four hours of load management at least helped small business holders to do their businesses compared to the 8 hours.

The ZUPED President said the four hours staggered schedule gave room to businesses to either work in the morning or afternoon depending on the schedule.

“Zesco Ltd yesterday announced that they will be reinstating an 8-hour load shedding schedule to enhance stability and predictability in power management across Lusaka, but did they interact with small business holders to arrive at this decision? For example, during the four hour load shedding power can go at 6hrs and be restored around 10hrs and someone can work up to 18hrs when power will be gone. Now with this 8hrs load shedding, power goes at 12hrs and restored around 20hrs making it almost impossible for them to do business,” he submitted.

“People in business need a breather for them to make money. Things are hard in this country, the cost of living is way to high for the majority to cope up. The government at this point should be looking at means of creating an enabling environment for the business community to survive.”

Mr Jere said most businesses depend on reliable power supply for them to conduct their businesses smoothly.

He wondered how some businesses will survive having to operate only for about four hours in a day saying this will hugely affect their businesses.



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