The rate at which the UPND government is loadshedding our country is too much, worrying and frustrating many Zambians. If they don’t attend to this issue as a matter.of urgency, and as rhey promised, the economy will collapse completely!

Mr Hakainde Hichilema, as things atand today, our people are very stressed in their homes. Small businesses are collapsing.

Our people are feeling the pain, each day. Why didn’t the UPND government plan in advance? What is the Ministry of Green Economy and the Environment doing about this big crisis? Why are they quiet when we have a crisis at hand?

An eight (8) hours loadshedding shedule is way too much. Our economy will collapse.

Fred M’membe
President of Socialist Party


  1. Electricity is an economic good generated from natural resource Mmembe. If that natural resource is affected the chain reaction is that the ability to generate the economic good is also affected.

    Zesco has in the last three months struggled with three models inorder to accomodate the consumer given the limited generation capacity, on ACCOUNT of the WEATHER. Zesco has tried to listen when each stakeholder has complained. Hence the changes.

    Mr. Mmembe behaves like he didnt go to school. Economics is the study of resource allocation. He should have covered this in his first or second year at UNZA where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting. Or was he just awarded the degree and didnt demonstrate that he earned it by passing the courses? This is what happens when you memorise material to pass an exam instead of learning so you can apply the knowledge garnered. Mmembe seems to have spent more time learning about Socialism and being a “loopen” at UNZA instead of studying what the government sponsored him to do; learn accounting which he later failed THREE times at ACCA.

    For a man that wants to lead, Mmembe is a failure at paying his debt obligations (loans aka Investrust), at paying his taxes and statutory obligations(ZRA and NAPSA), at running companies (Post and Zambian Airways), and at School he failed to finish ACCA.

    When choosing leaders lets pick people with a demostrated success. People who have steady and stable record. In some countries Mmembe would have been declared bankrupt and locked up. Never allowed to run a business, as he can be trusted to behave in an honourable manner.

    The Socialist Party should consider replacing Mmembe possibly with his Vice President.
    A man with unblemished character. He may not be as appealing but “not all that glitters is gold”. That man believes and understands the tenants of socialism; which I must add is a failed social experiment as means of resource allocation.

    Even in China or Russia we have seen, otherwise why we have corporations that are institutions created to run and create profit?

    So what do these chaps (so called socialist) have to really offer that isnt there right now? That should be the gist/thrust of their message.

    Would they make Zesco run better? How? Would they end loadshedding. How? How will socialist priniciples address these issues? Not this empty rattling that Mmembe does which shows why he is such a failure in life. If I was Mmembe, I would creep into oblivion. Where I would quietly lick my “wounds of having failed in life”. Never to open my mouth again and show what a failure I am in life.


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