A 28-YEAR-OLD psychosocial counselor of Luanshya’s Ndeke compound committed sùicide yesterday after consuming poison, police have revealed.

Mwandi Zimbiri, was found dèad in her home on Thursday leaving behind a son.

Details surrounding the motive of her committing suicide remain unclear.

This story highlights the importance of mental health awareness, even among those who professionally support others’ well-being.

Local authorities report that Zimbiri had been acting normally throughout the morning and spent time with family members before taking her own life.

Zimbiri was a second-year student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in guidance and counseling at the Technical and Vocational Teachers’ College.

She was also known for her passion for film and acting in local productions.

Police are investigating the incident, but foul play is not suspected.

Copperbelt police commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba revealed that around 07:00 hours, Zimbiri was home with her cousin, Lungowe Nalishuwa aged 18, and her grandmother, Mashebe Mukanwa.

The trio had a normal happy morning, and even had their breakfast together as usual.

However, two hours later, Zimbiri left the house for the market where she spent about 30 minutes and later returned home without saying a word.

She was later seen throwing something in the rubbish bin and went to sit on a sofa in the sitting room.

However, after some time Zimbiri’s cousin stumbled upon her lifeless body with some white foam coming out of her mouth.

She called her three times, and after getting no response, she screamed in devastation, alerting her grandmother who immediately, with the help of other people rushed her to Thompson District Hospital.

Zimbiri was declared a brought in dead (BID) and the matter was reported to Leonard Mpundu Police Station.

“The body has been deposited to Thompson General Hospital Mortuary awaiting burial,” said Mweemba.

CREDIT: Kalemba


  1. Condolences to the family. It’s sad for a counsellor to do such a thing ,because these are ones who are supposed to advise us on how to navigate out of our program.
    Sad indeed for her family.


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