Luanshya female Jerobo breaks 20-year criminal record

A WOMAN of Luanshya District has broken the unenviable criminal record that has remained intact for two solid decades.

According, to Zesco Public Relations Officer Henry Kapata, the woman whose name has been withheld for security reasons, has shocked the local criminal enterprise, commonly known as Jerabos, by earning a spot as mother vandal.

Sources close to the matter attest that the woman after trying her luck at selling groundnuts, cassava and all other parts of the Kapiri Menu, threw away her brazier and salt cellars as she took up her new role in the infamous Copperbelt illegal copper trade.

Fearless, the woman breached Zesco transformer yards in Luanshya and stripped naked the high voltage equipment as she made away with copper cables and conductors weighing up to seventy kilogrammes.

However, her criminal career may have been prematurely terminated as police, acting on a tip-off, raided her house and recovered the copper cables which were found hidden under her bed.

Meanwhile, before she could be arrested, the woman escaped from the police and is currently on the run.



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