Bampi Aubrey Kapalasa


A very reliable source at State House has told The Candidates that the Katuba Constituency MP Bampi Aubrey Kapalasa was sponsored by a cartel in the ruling party to procure a judgment against President Edgar Lungu at the Constitutional Court.

According to a source, the intention of Kapalasa’s petition for the Concourt to pronounce itself on President Lungu’s eligibility is to eliminate the PF leader.

The source reveals that Kapalasa’s case is not different from the Dan Pule and Others case but, this time around the Luapula United wants to attempt to buy Judges to knock out President Lungu.

“The genesis of this whole issue is the convention. At first there was agreements that the position of Secretary General and Vice President will be elective. So there was need to change the party Constitution to facilitate this. And when the convention was called, there was no change of the Constitution to facilitate those two changes and no one had the enough courage to bring the issue up. People just watched and waited. ECL was on top of the game. It’s like he knew the plans so he played them. He re-appointed ba Davis Mwila to the position of SG and also he is behind Ba Inonge Wina to apply as MCC. The thing is he wanted the position of SG and Vice President controlled. The Luapula United had different plans. If the position of Veep and SG was elective, someone else was going to win as SG and Vice President was going to a different person. Then, Kapalasa was going to procure a different judgment on ECL eligibility as sponsored by the Luapula United. Then, after making the Concourt give a different judgment, the cartel through a proxy SG they elected was going to call for an extraordinary convention to choose another President since ECL would have been knocked out. So now these plans had already walked in the ears of the intelligence. The President was fully aware of the operations,” the source says.

The State House source also revealed that many senior PF members are not happy with the list of central committee. They say, they are particularly agrieved that the President left out some names then went to appoint Charles Kakoma into the highest organ of the party.

And the source says, the Luapula United has been thrown into serious panic mode after realizing that the President seem to have been fully aware of their mechanisms to technically knock him out of the Presidential race using a proxy UPND mercenary Bampi Aubrey Kapalasa whom his party has distanced itself. -The Candidates


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