Lubinda And Mundubile Begged Mpezeni To Convince Lungu To Recontest In The 2026 Election


Lubinda and Mundubile begged Mpezeni to convince Lungu to recontest

By mr groundfbi/028-04-23

PF acting President Given Lubinda and Party’s Central Committee member Brian Mundubile are said to have visited Paramount Chief Mpezeni of the Ngoni people, to lobby that he talks to former President Edgar Lungu to convince him to challenge incumbent President Hakainde Hichilema in the 2026 election. This is according to impeccable sources within the PF and the Ngoni Royal Establishment.

“The opposition leaders met the Paramount Chief during last weekend’s Episcopal consecration of Monsignor Gabriel Msipu Phiri in Chipata as Auxiliary Bishop of Chipata.

Mpezeni flatly refused to support them because according to the Chief, Lungu refused to meet him recently”, said the source.

The former ruling party has been embroiled in succession wrangles with Presidential hopefuls like Brian Mundubile, Emmanuel Mwamba and Chishimba Kambwili engaging in skirmishes to attract attention of the former President Lungu.

There’s a growing number in the Party’s Central Committee, who believe that Lungu should be called out of retirement to take up the Presidency up to the 2026 election while others feel he should hand over the Presidency to Mundubile a year before the General election in 2025.

The general membership especially the youth are against anything resembling the former President and are instead weighing their hopes on Miles Sampa because of his blood relations to PF founder and former President, late Michael Sata. Mr ground fbi


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