By Dr Lubinda Haabazoka

I will continue speaking for you to have money without being victimised! The issue of Hon Stanley Kasongo Kakubo and the Chinese as reported by diggers has nothing to do with government and corruption. As reported in the press, it appears to be a pure private transaction between the Chinese and Kakubo. So it’s wrong for any aggrieved party to take advantage of a minister just because of their position.

The reason this is happening is that in the recent past we have demonised PF ministers who were also in business saying it’s corruption. People like Hon Malanji who have had money since I was born were heavily criticised once they held office. The fact is that when you become a minister you become more trustworthy to other business partners coz you are perceived that you can shortchange the other party so business opportunities grow!

This is a normal situation so don’t hate the player hate the game. So apa allow the Hon to enjoy his Xmas and look for your own deals to make money!

Let’s also create opportunities for all citizens to make money as we create for ourselves!

Also don’t demonise your former colleagues coz nabo nindalama shabo!

Thanks ba Zambia!


  1. Show us records of when Kakubo bought these mines. I am sure he owns many mines. And I am sure he only bought them after 2021, like all the other corrupt UPND members.

    Zambians did not vote out PF thieves so they could have bigger thieves UPND. You idiots are taking voters for granted. You think we are cows.

  2. For PF cadres like haabazoka it’s normal for politicians to use their positions to swindle and con other people so we don’t take what he says seriously.


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