Given Lubinda

By Kombe Mataka

ACTING PF president Given Lubinda says his name will not be on the ballot paper at the party’s convention.

He says he has opted to focus on ensuring a smooth leadership transition.

And Lubinda says the PF was not aware of a meeting where the visiting UK Minister for Africa Vicky Ford met opposition officials.

Lubinda said while he might have presidential ambitions but was focusing on a bigger picture of ensuring a united and peaceful transition from Edgar Lungu to the next party president

“There is even nothing to think about. I have said that president Edgar Chagwa Lungu put me in a very difficult position when he appointed me vice-president and acting president of the party because he put me in a position which is crucial in ensuring that there is a party for people to even talk about and that is primary on my mind,” he said. “I am sure that even now, there are some aspirants who have been complaining about the decisions which are being made and wondering are they decisions to favour one from another.”

Lubinda said if not handled well there was not going to be a party to talk about after the convention.

“I have been put in an awkward position by being acting president of the party. I am not denying myself a chance I think I must look at the bigger picture. I can’t think only about myself as being president of the party without thinking if there will be a party. I may have ambitions to become president but president of what? A disintegrated party? I would rather spend my energy organising the party so that I become a member of a strong party than concentrating on my selfish personal interests and ending up president of a disunited party,” he said.

And Lubinda said there was no meeting that was held with Ford or the British High Commission delegation as stated by Ford when she appeared on Hot FM on Thursday.

“I am with the administration here. I am with the secretary general of the party and none of us received any invitation to such a meeting. She might have met the opposition but that did not include PF and they must not use the PF,” said Lubinda. “So when they say opposition, who is opposition in Zambia if it is not PF. Can it be Socialist Party? Can you say a person has met opposition when they meet the Socialist Party or they met DP and don’t meet PF with 60 members of parliament?”


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