Lucky’s Commedy apologizes to Zambians for saying the truth that  Zambia National Soccer Team is not tribaly balanced


Lucky’s Commedy apologizes to Zambians for saying the Zambia National Soccer Team is not tribaly balanced ❗


Good morning ladies and gentlemen, i just want to apologize to all those who got offended to the statement I made yesterday morning about the Zambia national team.

I must also say that a lot of people misunderstood my post, there are a lot of misquotes and I can’t blame people for that because it all started with the post I made.

All I have to say for now is SORRY to you all. We are human we all error in one way or the other and no one can be perfect in an imperfect world.

From the bottom of my heart I never meant what most people are thinking, that’s why I said, ALL CORNERS OF ZAMBIA.

One Zambia  One Nation. Together we can 


  1. Actually if you think talking tribal lines is comedy, it’s not! It’s just being a stupid ukwa/pfidiot! Wembwawe!!!!!!

    • So why can’t these idiots accept other Zambians unless they see a H in the mix?. Are those in Northern or Eastern not Zambians like any one else. Should we be worried that the government is full of Southerners and not all the 72 tribes?. If these idiots claim to love all Zambians they should be comfortable to be represented by anyone as long he’s Zambian. To their thinking they want 72 ministers, 72 IGs or Army commanders, 72 players when FIFA only allows 26. Bu tutu bwashani ingombe shakwata kanshi?

      • Why should i be worried if My boss is Lubasi and his vice Sitali? As long as they are Zambians and are managing my affairs well. I should be proud.
        If you so wish change even the name of the coubtry to suit yourselves. We don’t care after all you’re Zambian too.
        Would have been worried if those players were Americans and Russians.

  2. Only one tribe would complain about the composition of our football team. This is a shame. Even if they are not good at football, they want to be included just to balance tribal composition.

    In life, you just have to accept there are people better than you.

    And there are people that can run our economy much better. Not them for sure, it is not their strength. Just like football is not the strength of some people. I am sure they are strong in there own way. They can contribute positively to the collective good. But let them stop complaining everytime as if they are the only tribe in Zambia. How is it that only one tribe cries tribalism in Zambia?

    Vote wisely in 2026.

  3. Truth remains the National Football team is not tribally balanced. This is scandal dquivalent to hate speech, or tribal talk. In our country this is cruminal, arrest all FAZ officials to explain and send them to Jail

  4. When you say “we are human, we all err”, it takes the sorry out of the apology.

    Just say sorry and leave it at that. Donot give excuses about being Human.


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