Lucky’s commedy says the Zambia National Soccer Team is not tribaly balanced


Lucky’s commedy says the Zambia National Soccer Team is not tribaly balanced


Ba Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Zambia is very big, get players from all corners of the country and form a well balanced National Team not that Family Team. Ma players as if they all came from 2 parents. insoni ebuntu bane


  1. Ubusushi bweka bweka uyu kapoli.

    Do they play football in the Zambezi region?

    Total nonsense from these tribalists.

    Out of 73 tribes, it had to be them complaining about nonsense.

  2. When we won Afcon in 2012, they were busy celebrating with the other 72 tribes.
    When we lose a game, they initiate a Spanish inquisition about tribe.
    Totally pathetic.

    • Why should i be worried if My boss is Lubasi and his vice Sitali? As long as they are Zambians and are managing my affairs well. I should be proud.
      If you so wish change even the name of the coubtry to suit yourselves. We don’t care after all you’re Zambian too.
      Would have been worried if those players were Americans and Russians.

      All fools want to see is H in everything.

  3. He really is a comedian. Can the comedian please suggest his tribally balanced line up for the national team since he seems to know better than the technical bench?

  4. Imwee bantu, HH’s appointment is fully balanced as compared to Lungu’s but busy making noise. When Chagwa appointed only from east and the north you were all quiet including the church and we’re celebrating except the old man father Telesphore mpundu. If the team was dominated by nyambe, sukumuna, hichani etc from Mmembe’s Zambezi region, we would be getting deafening noise from the same pipo, chief tribalists


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