Luis Rubiales to face trial for World Cup kiss-gate as prosecutors push for 2-and-half-year prison sentence


Former Spanish FA president, Luis Rubiales is set to face trial for the World Cup kiss-gate scandal.

Rubiales, 46, kissed Spain player Jenni Hermoso on the lips as she stepped up to receive her medal after her side’s victory over England in the Women’s World Cup final in August last year.

He was subsequently charged and investigated, before resigning from his position after facing heavy pressure to quit.

Luis Rubiales to face trial for World Cup kiss-gate as prosecutors push for 2-and-half-year prison sentence and a restraining order over�Jenni�Hermoso
Last month, public prosecutors involved in the case said they were seeking a two-and-a-half year prison sentence for Rubiales, who has continued to claim his innocence over the event.

According to Marca, he will now be tried over the events, as well as for subsequent coercion, alongside former Spain manager Jorge Vilda.

The outlet reports that the third section of the Criminal Court has taken the decision by rejecting the appeals against the order of the judge in the case, Francisco de Jorge, which were filed by Rubiales and Vilda, as well as former director Albert Luque and Ruben Rivera, who worked in marketing.

The Chamber is said to have considered that the details of the appeal contain evidence that fit the description of a crime against sexual freedom and another of coercion.

The court reportedly indicated that the legal consequences ‘of the kiss and consent cannot be assessed at this time’.

Public prosecutors had said, in an indictment sent to the judge, that they wanted Rubiales jailed for a year if he was found guilty at trial of sexual assault and another 18 months for coercion linked to his alleged attempts to get the footballer to speak out in his defence following his World Cup kiss.

They are also reportedly asking for Rubiales to be disqualified from working in sports during the sentence and be banned of communication with Hermoso or communicating with her for four years.

Rubiales has claimed innocence ever since the event, opening up in an interview with broadcaster La Sexta at the start of the month.

‘I have a clear conscience. Things have become crazy. A small thing has gone on to devour a person,’ he said.

‘I wanted to be calm and get out of the spotlight. False feminism? What I said is said.

‘I defend egalitarianism. Feminism advocates supporting women to achieve equality.’

He added: ‘For me, there is no crime. It’s my opinion. I asked her the question [over the kiss] and she said: “Okay”.

‘You can’t question Hermoso. I can. Is it because I’m a man? They want to curtail freedom of thought.’

In a subsequent clip he said of his infamous kiss: ‘I cannot understand that anyone could think this was a sexual assault’ before rejecting any coercion by saying: ‘I only spoke 10 or 15 seconds with Miss Hermoso.’


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