Lungu calls for early elections, says has taken over UPND sponsors

FORMER president Edgar Lungu says he been talking to the people who sponsored the UPND and has since won their confidence.

Lungu has since called for an early election saying President Hakainde Hichilema his party have failed.

Lungu, along with representatives from seven opposition political parties, held a press briefing in Lusaka today, announcing the formation of a what they are calling The People’s Movement.

According the the gathering, the movement that is targets birth an alliance which the consortium believe will give them a guaranteed victory in the 2026 general elections.

“I have been in interaction with the people who helped UPND come into power and all of them have told me, Tefyo twalebeba ifi(this is not what we agreed upon),” Lungu said.

“I won’t mention names but they are part of us here telling us… No no no. Uyu muntu aleya (This person must go).”

Lungu implored citizens to call for early elections because he believed the UPND government have failed.

“It’s for you Zambians to tell us that this Movement should be crying for early elections because it is within your constitution tights to to demand for an early election.”

“..Will this man and his UPND continue up to 2026 or can we put pressure on him to get him to accept that an early election is imparrative in the country.”

He said if Zambians were to demand the president to call for an early election then that’s the root the movement was going to follow.

“It shouldn’t come from us it should come from you,” he added.

Highlighting concerns about the use of power, Lungu compared his past leadership, stating; “The power that gentleman is using is the same power I had, but did you see what you are seeing now? No, because I was well brought up.”

The former president said he was brought up in respect and believing in friends.

He attributed the challenges faced under the new government to a lack of proper handling of power.

Responding to questions about his potential candidacy in the upcoming elections, Lungu asserted, “I cannot impose myself on the people, but if they choose to put me on the ballot paper, who am I to say no?”

He affirmed his commitment to support any chosen leader if the people decide otherwise.

By Moses Makwaya



  1. This thief to come back will be my greatest nightmare for Zambia! The man who thrives on Lawlessness, robbed a widow, robbed Zambia and left it in a debt mess, only those who ate with him still miss him!
    No early elections bwana tiff!
    Why are you in a hurry?
    Are you panicking about your impending arrest?
    Anyway, you are lucky that a Mr Nice took over from you.
    If it was someone else, you would be in Jail!
    Anyway, this will be the real test for Zambians. We will see if indeed dogs are the only animals that go back to their vomit!
    It’s enough to be robbed once. To want to be robbed twice is folly of the highest order!
    And make no mistake, when this Malawian Identity Fraudster comes back, he will never handover power again!
    You will have yourselves to blame as Zambians!
    Is Zambia so poor that it can’t come up with better leaders?
    Is it not madness to keep on recycling the same failures and expecting different results?
    It’s not President HH who will suffer! He has nothing to lose!
    We can only wish the gullible voters well under ECL part 2.
    I am sure the mighty cadres will have their good revenge on Marketeers and minibus drivers who will be paying even for the arrears!
    Abalya Mwibala baisa, watch out!

  2. Remember in 2021 about 15 opposition parties were all campaigning for pfools but you were all walloped, butchered, hammered, wangled and humiliated from right,left and center,and now the same hyenas are gathering planning on how to bring back caderism,pangas gassing and corruption, idiots stop waisting our time just continue resting in hell there

  3. Don’t forget that you are living under immunity and you should continue living within those limits. Calling for early elections is tantamount to an overthrow of a legitimately and democratically elected government and is a treasonable offense. If you also want to taste Mukobeko where you took your friend, then you can go ahead and do it, immunity will not cover you on this one.

  4. Go on dreaming. Upnd you have yourselves to blame. Arrest the chaps who were looting this country. You have playing with too much evidence. Like who gave faith that cash. From which bank, whose authority. Ma shooting stories mbwee

  5. What kind of lawyer is this Lungu. Did he not read when he signed the new constitution that the date is already set and it is not the president who calls for elections. Let this guy go back to the bar exam.

  6. Lungu, cholera is pit Latrines and ifiko mu Zambia and Lusaka in particular. Did you eliminate those two. I think it is families first and good education campaign plus settlement areas planning that will eliminate this. Not chairmen and ma plot politics that you linked into and the new old guy HH has failed to stop.

  7. Ba HH. uluse lwalile inkwale, you have allowed criminals to freely roaming the streets and contaminating the oxygen that only the innocent are supposed to share outside prison.

    Now the criminals are grouping and daring you as if you are the one in conflict with the law, if these idiots could be where they belong, behind the bars, no treasonable vomits ciuld be heard in this stupid and unrepentant fashion. Please cage the STUPID IDIOTS like your friends in Pakistan have done. Yaba!


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