I have issues with some politicians who cannot be consistent in their life. Consistency alongside integrity brings out the best of a leader.

The level at which Mr. Kambwili is taking things to impress PF is alarming and he will injure himself politically more if he does not realize soon. My advise to Mr. CK is that eat silently sir. Don’t make too much unnecessary noise because you said alot about Edgar Lungu and PF government too. You went as far as questioning God where he got Lungu and no matter how much you try to fool us you will only fool yourself not even Lungu believe you 100%. Your foot prints in the media of what you have said is all over seeing you taking a u-turn shows how unprincipled you are sir. The problem is that you are too frustrated Mr. Kambwili. When you left PF you came to the citizens with imiponto of all kinds until PF under Edgar Lungu’s regime squeezed you. And now you have gone back you again want to paint your friends in the opposition black.

Now I understand why a heavily indebted and person can be a national security risk for a country as Presidential candidate. He can sell the country to whoever has money to bring food on the table.And now you want to be relevant to president Lungu by trying to paint black your fellow opposition leaders especially HH. I was happy watching your video were you failed even to mention the name HH because deep down your heart you are ashamed my brother of your actions.

However, president Edgar Lungu maybe a visionless man but, trusting Mr. Kambwili is a none starter. The man studied your behavior this is why after using you in 2016 to divide the country he fired you. Right now you will be just a commoner in PF and made an adult vuvuzela without direction. GBM is a practical example.

Mr. Kambwili, haven’t you wondered why all your cases and that of your son are being put on defense.That’s how you can be tamed. No one trusts you.

Ba NDC you have not only betrayed yourselves but, Obed Bwalya Kasongo who died while fighting for you guys who are now praising the same PF that willingly killed your member. When he joined you, Obed thought he was fighting for a cause, he died thinking he fought for a cause against Ba Pompwe Munshibila Nsala. His death is for nothing because his ground Commander has gone back and joined the enemy. Atleast as a concerned citizen of Zambia I have submitted Obed Bwalya Kasongo name and other names to the United Nations secretary general and Amnesty International. But, I wonder if the key witness Dr Chishimba Kambwili will testify for Obed against Ba Pompwe Munshibila Nsala.

As you fight for your own personal benefits, remember that Obed Bwalya Kasongo killers are your new marriage partners. Yes, to you Sir integrity means nothing and government tender is everything. According to court ruling you had to forge signatures to put Mwamona transport in business. Isn’t this not beans sir?

Sikaile C Sikaile
Good Governance and Human Rights Activist for Zambia and Amnesty


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