Lungu group vows vigorous fight to win back party

Edgar Lungu

Lungu group vows vigorous fight to win back party

THE Edgar Lungu grouping of PF has promised a vigorous fight to bring legality and normality in the party.

A leadership crisis has recently split the former ruling party sparking a firece battle for its control with Miles Sampa on one end, and former president Edgar Lungu on the other.

On Saturday, Lungu announced his return to active politics saying he had come back as PF president to save the party from being destroyed.

As the drama unfolds, the Sampa-led group seems to have an edge over their opponents with a court order allowing them room to be in charge, at leadership until an inter-party hearing slated for November 21.

With office bearers also changed in their favour by the Registrar of Societies, the Sampa group is calling the shots.

But in a statement yesterday, Emmanuel Mwamba, the information and publicity chairperson said their position on Sampa whom he said remained expelled had not changed.

“Further, any changes being implemented at the Registrar of Societies or Parliament are illegal and will be vigorously fought to forestall legality and normality,” Mwamba stated.

Mwamba said the PF and its leadership were a revolutionary product and creation of the people and the current attempts to “steal the Party will be vigorously resisted”.

“We also noted a press conference held by a suspended official and Member of Parliament Robert Chawinga. Mr. Chawings, was purporting to be leader of the Opposition in Parliament and we have largely decided to ignore his remarks and his comments for now,” Mwamba stated.

Mwamba accsused the government of supporting Sampa in his attempt to “steal” the PF.

“We urge the UPND Government to desist from nestling and facilitating lawlessness currently being perpetrated by Mr. Miles Sampa who it accepted , that he held an illegal Conference and is currently engaged in conducting a coup d’état against the Patriotic Front Party, relying heavily on President Hakainde Hichilema to abuse state power to help him achieve this,” he said.

And commenting on the press briefing that was called off yesterday, Mwamba said the notice published on various media was false.

Mwamba warned that during the battle for the PF, there would heightened misinformation.

He urged the media to verify any information with “our Secretary General Hon. Raphael Nakacinda and our media team in; Deputy Chairperson of Information and Publicity Ms. Nakiwe Simpungwe and Media Director, Mr. Edwin Lifwekelo since I am out of the country”.



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