Some close associates and aides of President Edgar Lungu are very concerned at a trait that has seemingly become indelible in him since the demise of Bill 10. Sources say that by his nature Lungu has always been an indignant man, but politics aided him to develop a mannerism of false humility that he uses to bait people. For example President Edgar Lungu’s trademark of clasping both hands like a Catholic saint is actually a manifestation of a pending implosion in himself that he holds back. His palms are a trigger guard to something trapped in him almost the same way a safety pin is placed on a grenade.

Close staff tell of a President that lately appears lonely and lost in his own world, and that his outbursts are becoming frequent and uncontrolled. Most agree that the self denial that he is ineligible to stand in 2021 is waning though on the surface he appears non repentant.

“President Edgar Lungu is terrified by two factors should the Concourt rule him ineligible to stand for 2021. Number one is Hakainde Hichilema and number two is his inner circle sometimes referred to as the Luapula United. The latter is a group comprising of Northerners that late President Sata nurtured when he founded PF”.

The sources say while Lungu is terror-stricken of Hichilema, he privately feels HH could be a little lenient and that the two could work out a clemency or pardon deal.

“President Edgar Lungu mistreated Sata’s boys right from the Kabwe convention, chased them from the corridors of power using thugs and replaced them with fellow Esterners of the Malawian stock that had insulted Sata when he was in opposition. They haven’t forgiven him. The President is as terrified of these people as much as he is of HH, but he secretly thinks the opposition leader can offer him refuge and reprieve than the so called ‘true blues’. For now President Edgar Lungu is caught between a rock and a hard surface”, said the source.-zambia eagle


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