A LUSAKA-based governance activist has welcomed former president Edgar Lungu’s return to active politics but noted that the former Head of State had nothing more to offer than lawlessness.

During late president Micheal Sata’s memorial in Lusaka, Lungu announced that he had returned to save the PF and also fight for democracy.

But reacting to his announcement, Dillon Mayangwa said Lungu had nothing to offer besides violence and the lawlessness that was associated with his seven year rule.

Mayangwa said Lungu was man with a clear legacy of breaching the constitution or misinterpreting it.

“For instance, the constitution says when a petition has been filed in following a presidential election, the incumbent president must hand over power to the Speaker of the National Assembly until the matter is concluded. In 2016, president Lungu’s election was petitioned but he arrogantly refused to hand over power to the Speaker in disregard of a constitutional provision,” Mayangwa said.

Mayangwa also recalled that Lungu had misled his ministers to continue performing ministerial duties when Parliament had been dissolved before the 2016 elections.

“What kind of lawyer is he who does not follow or understand the constitution?” He is back to active politics and the first thing he does is to claim he is the president of the party from which he resigned two years, that is confusion,” Mayangwa said adding; “that is why I am saying, from where I stand, Lungu has nothing more to offer than lawlessness”.

Mayangwa cautioned Lungu to rethink his position because Zambians had not forgotten all the violence his cadres had subjected them to.

“What president Lungu needs to do is help resolve the wrangles in the PF by bringing the disputing parties together for dialogue like a true statesman, not throwing himself in the confusion to also fight,” he said.

Muyangwa said it was not too late for Lungu to right his wrongs and assume the position of a statesman by conducting himself honourably.

“The fact that people were quiet it is because they being forced to give him respect as a father of the nation. A lot of things that we were supposed to say about Edgar Lungu, we would say because he inherited the seat of a surviving former president. But now that he has come to politics, people will treat him with political gloves which unfortunately comes with disprespect sometimes” said Mayangwa.

“People will have to remind him of what kind of a politician he is. They will remind him that he made our students destitutes by grabbing meal allowance from them. They will remind on who he destroyed the institutions of governance with his violent cadres. He will be reminded of cadresm leaders,” added Muyangwa.



  1. Mr. Lungu fighting for democracy? He did just the opposite when he ruled Supreme. He even went to the extent of creating “no fly zones” when he was campaigning.

    And please, Mr. Lungu is NOT father of the nation. This title exclusively belongs to Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, who was the first president of Zambia. You can’t have more than one father.

    Mr. Lungu is the epitome of PF’s hypocrisy (I have come to fight for democracy), lies (he resigned from PF and active politics but all along he has been directing the affairs of PF) and lawlessness (comes out of retirement and declares himself president of PF).

    The nation should not be under any illusion as to what he will do if given a second chance at the presidency, a double dose of hypocrisy, lies and lawlessness.

    Forewarned is forearmed.


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