THE UPND says it finds President Edgar Lungu’s desire to concentrate on Hakainde Hichilema’s involvement in the privatization programme 30 years ago lacking seriousness from a Head of State who is leading a country in crisis.

Party secretary general Stephen Katuka said President Lungu should tell his ministers who stayed in office illegally to pay back what they stole from Zambians instead of singing “empty” privatisation songs.

“President Hakainde Hichilema has never been in government. It is also clear that Edgar Lungu is the one behind the idle privatisation debate being spearheaded by FDD leader Edith Nawakwi,” he said. “Considering government spokesperson Dora Siliya’s statement that government will spend time to study and investigate the privatisation allegations, it is now clear that Edgar Lungu is scared of facing HH in a free and fair election.”

Katuka warned that the UPND was ready to teach PF a lesson with Hichilema as the opposition party’s presidential candidate.

“We wish to remind Mr Lungu that his own ministers have failed to subject themselves to lifestyle audits and are now behaving like ba Mwankole (ravens). They indeed came to steal and not to run the economy. What is sad is that after running down the economy, destroying the kwacha and creating a bad business environment, Mr Lungu can now start talking about privatisation,” he said. “We expect Mr Lungu to tell us who owns the 48 houses. We expect Mr Lungu to tell us who was behind the gassing of citizens. We also expect Mr Lungu to tell the people of Zambia the correct price of 42 fire engines. Let Lungu tell us when he is going to create jobs for thousands of graduates on the street. Let him tell us when he is going to pay UNZA workers their terminal benefits and gratuity. Let Lungu tell us what plans he has for persons with disabilities. Further, let him tell us the real price of the ambulances government bought.”

Katuka said the PF government was corrupt.

“Let them tell us who is constructing or resurfacing the Great East Road. Zambians are hunger stricken because of his poor leadership. Many Zambians cannot afford three meals in a day because of Lungu’s poor leadership. We demand that Lungu owns up for destroying our economy. Imwe ba Mwankole (you ravens)!” said Katuka.

Drumming up support for PF parliamentary candidate for Mwansabombwe Constituency Kabaso Kampampi in Mbereshi on Monday, President Lungu said it was unfortunate that some political party leaders accused him of selling a presidential jet when they are the ones who are used to trading in State properties.

He urged Zambians to be wary of some selfish politicians who do not put the interest of the people first before theirs.

“The PF has the interest of people at heart but someone was accusing me of selling a presidential plane, which is a lie. They are the ones who are used to selling [State] property and they can even come and sell State House and the country if you vote for them,” said President Lungu.

Recently, Nawakwi accused Hichilema of not declaring interest during the privatisation of national assets in the 1990.


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