Gregory Chifire

EDGAR Lungu missed an opportunity to cave for himself a good legacy when he enjoyed the support of the poor because they thought he belonged among them, says Gregory Chifire.

The human Rights activist, currently in exile in South Africa, said President Lungu enjoyed the support of the Church because it was convinced that it was by the providence of God that the man was President.

“But unfortunately our brother Edgar has turned his back on the poor; he has rebelled against the Church, spat on the very palm that fed him. Our brother Eddy is not himself,” he said.

Chifire, who is also Southern African Network Against Corruption (SANAC) director, said President Lungu was a captured soul.

He said President Lungu had been captured by criminals who run the country thus relegating him to a mere front.

“They tell him what to do, when to do and where to do it from. He has been blackmailed by his captors,” he alleged.

Chifire recalled that prior to entering the government President Lungu was a poor man that was in need of money.

He said President Lungu was really struggling financially and almost went into depression after his practicing licence was suspended by the Law Association of Zambia.

“Those that sponsored him knew this weakness. They knew the man needed a quick financial turnaround. They made him do deals he could not resist. Unfortunately for our dear Eddy, that was the beginning of trouble,” Chifire said.

He said President Lungu now had no control of his Cabinet and that he had lost control of the government.

“Tenderpreneurs tell him what to do, who to fire and hire. He is not in charge. This cabal has shielded him from the reality out there. This cabal is now playing him. Soon and very soon it will discard him. Edgar does not know what is happening. The cabal has already installed a successor because it feels he cannot win them elections next year. He is expendable. They want to try someone else who will continue to protect their interests,” Chifire said.

He further noted that President Lungu was blinded as he thinks those people he sits with in Cabinet were still with him.

Chifire said the Head of State was made to believe the system was on his side but “unfortunately even some of his aides have turned against him”.

“They are just waiting for the right time. The man will be left alone. They are just there to eat with him. Even those who go on TV to claim that they will quit politics once Lungu leaves office…hahaha, they are lying. That’s mere flattery,” he said. “These are in fact in the forefront organising Luapula United to compete against him. This is the truth and nothing but the truth. If Mr Lungu doesn’t want to believe, it’s up to him.”

Chifire advised President Lungu to open his eyes otherwise he would receive the shock of his life at the convention.

He said President Lungu had been sleeping while his enemies were way miles ahead of him.

Chifire said President Lungu had very few trusted comrades in his government as those that eat on the same table with him have betrayed him.

“They have coined a saying among themselves that ‘it is better to lose a position than to lose power’. In Bemba they say, ichi kwanka bachimwena kuma mpalanya,” Chifire said.

He stressed that he does not hate President Lungu but was merely stating the plain truth.

“We love him that is why we tell him the truth. We have complained about corruption in his government which he himself is tolerating. Now the same people he is protecting are about to stab him. He will have no one to protect him,” said Chifire.


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