Lungu mocks Luanshya residents over bees



Re: Lungu mocks Luanshya residents over bees

The following statement from Edgar Lungu demonstrates a lack of maturity unbecoming of someone who has held the prestigious office of a former president.

The post’s tone reveals much about its author: it is unserious, vindictive, disrespectful, and unreliable.

It is a relief that the incident did not result in a stampede or any fatalities. Making light of what could have been a tragic event is wholly inappropriate.

The disturbance of bees from their natural habitat was caused by the noise from the dancing and singing of thousands of Luanshya residents at Mpatamatu Stadium, gathered to celebrate the reopening of the Luanshya Mines. This event promises them job and business opportunities.

In fact, the presence of bees in a stadium, which once thrived as a youth facility, directly indicts Lungu’s administration for its failure to revitalize Luanshya, despite prior promises. Abandoned football stadiums have been left to the elements, becoming refuges for bees and rats alike. Today, Lungu’s mockery of Luanshya’s residents, as they celebrate the revival of an abandoned mine and town, is in poor taste. Lungu should reflect on this situation more thoughtfully.


  1. I think as Zambian’s we should embrase each other, ECL was just cracking a jock and we should pick no negatives over that

    • There is no where in Lungu’s post where he mocks Luanshya residents. The one trying to interpret what Lungu said is the one who is immature. Stop whipping up sentiments of hatred against the former Head of State. We know your agenda is that of fostering hatred against ECL. Grow up and get a life!

  2. When people become old, they start behaving like toddlers. In the first place Lungu didn’t even need to post a childish statement like that to the entire world.

    • Somehow, yes infact you are right, public thinking management in play; that is if you are denied of a chance to practice non issue based politics, how do we solve this problem as a nation today and going forward? Indeed, no need for non issue based politics,that’s what has caught our politicians outside govt today.

  3. Behind this “joke” is a very bitter human being who feels entitled to the Zambian presidency, a sad human being who wishes evil and misfortune on all those who do not support this delusion.

    We can never allow such characters into leadership. Just look at all the properties his criminal family is forfeiting to the state. There is deep seated bitterness because what they stole is being returned to the people of Zambia.

  4. Insensitive statement!
    Who knows, may be he is the one who sent those bees as the current Arch enemy of progress!
    He must have been drunk as usual!
    But the people who are stupid are the ones supporting ichipuba who destroyed and bankrupted our country with Kaloba!
    As KK rightly put it, Zambians were not called Stupid idiots for nothing! It was an accurate statement about the people, who support stupidity instead of supporting ifyamano!
    The only ones complaining in this harsh global economy are consumers! Us producers are laughing our way to the bank every day!
    Ask yourself, what are you producing at individual level? What are you contributing personally to the development of your country?
    Are you patriotic enough to die for your country?
    Diligent hands bring wealth but slothful hands lead to perpetual poverty!
    Bally mwaume sana!
    He has opened a mine that has been closed for 30 years. Those who were happy to just keep bees in the abandoned mine are sick with jealousy because their enemy did not see bees as a threat but braved the situation and evicted the bees to get the mine running again!
    What a great leader!
    Ignore the haters and concentrate on fixing the economy for our people on the forgotten Copperbelt!
    We are many who are with you 2026!
    We don’t have time for thieves who are calling themselves opposition at the moment!


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