Edgar Lungu says, “Those of you who are concerned about the peace of this country, pray for this country. Pray for your leaders to see the imperative need for peace wherever they are. Pray for those in power and those in the opposition. If you want to advise those who are in political power, see them [and] talk to them quietly and tell them that ‘mwana, what you are doing is very bad, so stop it.’ I am saying in short, if it is me and the PF who are wrong, please sit us down and tell us that what we are doing is wrong. If it’s UPND who are wrong, tell them. Sit them down and tell them that ‘stop it, you are destroying this country’.”

We take Edgar on his advice and tell him: ‘Bwana, stop it. You have destroyed this country. Your inability to listen to others and bend backwards has made you destroy our country. You are too stiff-necked to rule. You are too cruel and selfish to lead a diverse society like ours. Governing this country requires a lot of tolerance and accommodation of others. The next destruction will be of yourself. You have gone too far in your destruction of our country to be allowed to continue. You are too violent a politician to govern peacefully. Your language is full of threats of violence. You made it very clear to all the citizens of this country that you will ‘crush like a tonne of bricks’ any who tries to stand in your way. And, indeed, you have gone ahead to do just that. But how many people are you going to crush before you crush yourself? We beg you to leave with your evil Bill 10 before you completely destroy our country. Twacula Pafula!”


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