‘Lungu not fit for father of nation’

Former President Edgar Lungu, despite being the only surviving former head of State, does not allegedly qualify to be father of the nation because of the atrocities which took place during his reign.

Network for Young People Against Violence executive director Moses Kalonde said in a statement yesterday that the governance style of Mr Lungu allegedly falls far short for him to assume that role.

But PF chairperson for information and publicity Raphael Nakacinda said the party cannot respond to Mr Kalonde because he is allegedly a political beggar.

“We appreciate the fact that former President Edgar Lungu is the only surviving former head of state.

“The transformation and qualification for him to be the father of the nation should have been automatic,” Mr Kalonde said.

He said during Mr Lungu’s tenure, the country was allegedly subjected to the worst form of tribalism as ministerial positions and other senior government positions were mostly given to those people from two regions.

“It was during his rule that even police officers’ powers were less than those of cadres – Zambia Daily Mail


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