Edgar Lungu


FORMER PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri says former president Edgar Lungu is ready to support even a cockroach or a mouse in 2026 as long as it’s not President Hakainde Hichilema.

And Phiri says all politicians are political cadres, including Chief Government Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa and President Hichilema.

On Saturday, Mweetwa said it was unfortunate that the only surviving former president, Lungu, was now positioning himself as a lead political cadre, urging him to “behave himself”.

And Mweetwa said President Hichilema was likely to get more votes in 2026 compared to the ones he got in 2021.

But in an interview, Monday, Phiri said Mweetwa was allowed to dream…



  1. The slut mumbi phiri is back from Addis Ababa rd, wonder if her punters know they are HIV positive now. As for lungu I wish the cockroach all the best because chikala lungu will gas it also.
    Idiots like lungu and phiri are allowed to dream like baboons

    • ECL has given all of BP and diarrhoea with ceaseless headaches. Don’t worry the good thing is that when he wins there will be enough drugs in hospitals to help you deal with your suffering. Lol. Even your cows will get all the Ciprobid needed to curw them of anthrax.

  2. How can Lungu sink so low and start insulting the people of Zambia who voted for HH? Is he insinuating that the people of Zambia are out of their minds to vote for someone worse than a cocroaoch? What is he then, if HH is a worse than a cocroach? When you become so self centred you lose the plot and start insulting the people who are going to vote for you. This is the same reason the people voted you out. You don’t learn and still behaving like you are in the lawlessness regime you led under PF.

    • Do not take it too personal ba James.

      Hakainde and ECL have a long history of insulting each other. They are both like it that way. They are very similar in that respect.

      So just observe and do not take sides because they are both as bad as each other.

  3. Tell us what your plan for the country is!
    The educated and enlightened hardworking new voters of today are not going to buy your wishful thinking of removing someone from power for the sake of it!
    The high cost of living Zambians are going through are partly the creation of the very people (PF) who were recklessly borrowing Eurobonds from the black market giving a false sense of too much money in the economy!
    This is the reason people are now putting it in a vulgar way to say “bachili balepipa amafi mwanyele!”
    Maybe this is the language PF understands.
    Your enemies who took over from you are now caught up in the debt mess you left behind and you cannot expect money to be flowing when you did not invest what you borrowed in production ventures! You were borrowing for consumption and for political infrastructure to secure the next election but Zambians showed you the door.
    I don’t think Zambians are that cheap and stup!I’d to go back to their vomit like d0gs!
    Trouble is PF has started misbehaving too early! You should have done that close to election time. For now, there is enough time to clamp down ECL and his violent gang!
    You are not going anywhere!
    Abafwa tababwela pa Zed!
    You should have rebranded well behind Miles Sampa if you still dream of bouncing back but at the rate you are going, you are just exhibiting your wickedness!

  4. That kind of desperation borders on sinister motives. I can smell intentions of protecting family from ACC investigations and raw cold revenge. God forbide!

  5. Pilato was locked up and his song “koswe mumpoto” banned. So we already knew that pf niba koswe. Now we know the rest of opposition are cockroaches!

  6. Honestly Mumbi Phiri has used the very language that caused the Rwandan genocide. Certain characters called other people cockroaches. And no sane Zambian should ever celebrate people who refer to others as cockroaches or cows etc. I have read comments by certain bloggers here defending Mumbi Phiri’s vulgar language here. This is wrong and must be condemned. Is Mumbi Phiri actually implying that PF or other opposition leaders are cockroaches? Is Harry Kalaba a cockroach? Chishimba Kambwili a cockroach? Fred Mmembe a cockroach? Chishala Kateka a cockroach? Edith Nawakwi a cockroach? Richard Silumbe a cockroach? Chilufya Tayali a cockroach? Really, Mumbi Phiri?
    Well, if that’s how Mumbi Phiri views our opposition leaders, then surely nobody would want to vote for a cockroach in any election.

    • Well its two days later and no condemnation if Mumbi Phiri’s statement.

      So since silence says truth, then yes they’re all cockroaches and koswe’s!!!!


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