Lungu to spend more than K200,000 on ferrying cadres for eligibility hearing today


Lungu to spend more than K200,000 on ferrying cadres for eligibility hearing today

FORMER president Edgar Lungu will spend more than K200,000 on transporting cadres for his eligibility case hearing at the Supreme Court in Lusaka this morning.

His henchmen spent the whole of last night rounding up people in various compounds in the capital city to be bused so they can put up a show of support and solidarity to the former president.

According to an instruction sent through in their exclusive WhatsApp group, each constituency should contribute 10 bus loads of cadres.

“Good afternoon constituency chairmen. Tomorrow there’s eligibility ruling for our party President Dr ECL at Supreme Court of zambia. You are all directed to hire 10 Rosa busses per constituency at K1000 kwacha go / come. The district secretary and the district treasure are going to register every bus upon arrival and should be at the court starting from 0730hrs. Ten busses per constituency,” read the directive also seen by Kalemba.

In this case Youth activist Michelo Chizombe l has filed a petition in the Constitutional Court questioning Lungu’s third bid to participate in elections.

He wants the Court to declare that Lungu’s participation in the previous election was unconstitutional.

Chizombe wants the Court to pronounce that Lungu is not eligible to contest a presidential election under the current constitution as read with the now repealed 1991 Constitution (as amended).

The youth activist has cited Lungu, the Electoral Commission of Zambia and the Attorney General as respondents in the matter.

Chizombe argues that Lungu’s nomination and participation in the 2021 presidential election was against the provisions of the law.

But in his answer to the petition Lungu said proceeding with case would be an attempt to give Chizombe an opportunity to re-litigate a matter that has already been decided upon and the same would be in breach of the Res Judicata rule.

Lungu said the Constitutional Court is functus officio ( Lacking authority) after having settled the dust over his eligibility to contest for presidency in future.

The case will be heard by the full bench this morning.

By Mwaka Ndawa

Credit: Kalemba April 17, 2024.


  1. We have no good morals in Zambia. We picking up people to go and hear a case of no profit. If the court say yes can stand or no he can’t stand what will that mean to many Zambians.

    God bless Zambia

  2. These tribaliststs have nothing better to do! Of course the so called youth activist is being sponsored by Upnd who have a lot of fears for Edgar Lungu. Even if Edgar is barred from standing, it will not give lee way for Hichilema to win in 2026, because Zambians now know who Hichilema and Upnd really are! For 15 years Zambians had doubts about Hichilema and Upnd, now after plunging Zambians into hunger, Zambians now know that they were not wrong to reject him and his Upnd for 5 times! If Edgar is barred from standing , with influence, from judiciary external forces, the one Edgar is going to support is going to win! No amount of rigging will help Upnd as Zambians are already decided!

    • Iwee wilatubikamo naifwe mufya bupuba bobe . Who told you that, us Zambians we shall not vote for HH ? Just speak for yourself ba muntu imwe . Ifwe twali vota akale ni bally capwa fye kkkkkkkkkkk, noti bakabolala again in Zambia, zero ba muntu kkkkkkkkkkk.

    • Musonda you don’t understand what you are writing can you compare appointments for HH and mwana wamusatantinyina Edgar lungu used to appoint????can you compare galu yopandamucila iwe ! Just from cabinet, high commissions, ambassadors,DC permanent secretaries and head of departments anyway it pains if I think about PF criminals.please God don’t allow these Dogs PF criminals to come near to the corridor of power.


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