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By Sikaile C Sikaile


The grounding of Zambia’s economy from possible taking off to zero by Lungu’s misrule has proven that “VISION 2030 IS

The Vision 2030 which was focused at creating a middle income earning Zambia has been Robbed, Sabotaged and mercilessly lacerated by the Patriotic Front government under the destructive hand of Edgar Chagwa Lungu, the humblest, draconian and visionless ruler of the twenty first century who’s main focus is to stay in state house even if he has nothing to offer Zambians. What future can anyone dream of under the crumbling framework of Social and Economic neglect by PF and Lungu?

Despite the sound internal and external advice relentlessly given to PF under Edgar Chagwa Lungu to moderate borrowing and apply financial discipline in debt management, they (PF), arrogantly went on a prodigious spending binge whilst looting the eurobond and China under table loans that did not pass through parliament for approval.

They abrogated all the moral fundamentals of debt management in their desire to show power in an effort to become overnight rich stinking richmen like those who worked so tirelessly for their wealth.They vexatiously bragged and spent to ridicule the noise making opposition as they labeled them then as they became the modern world Vasco dagama who were seen touring the world every day. Reputable Civil society grouping who saw the end from the beginning in the lunatic spending and Sprint borrowing by PF, fearlessly pointed out the misguided management only to be labeled proponents of regime change.

The Church detached from mainstream CSO groupings relentlessly spoke out vehemently, only to be tagged tresspassers who should keep to their ecclesiastical lane, and today Lungu through Davis Mwila shamelessly is begging the church to pray for them, indeed let them pray for themselves before any reputable pastor or bishop prays for their sins of looting and political violence coupled with abuse of public institutions.

The context should be laid clearly. The Vision 2030 was inarguably anchored on a complementary development strategy which should have seen a spontaneous, but coordinated establishment of supportive infrastructure, human and Systems development.It should be clearly stated here that the main architects of Vision 2030 were the MMD government under the able leadership of Levy Patrick Mwanawasa. A viable framework accompanied by pragmatic steps was firmly laid down that each one of us developed hope and saw a brighter future. Among the key things Mwanawasa recognised as detrimental to development was Corruption the opposite of Lungu’s school of thought of ubomba mwibala ( stealing public resources).Mwanawasa abhorred corruption so much that he had no sacred cows in his crusade. He extended the gesture to end political violence. While most people became critical of his stance, the Economy progressively started vindicating him through a Nationwide boom.

The Kwacha enjoyed stability and once more, Zambia was an icon of hope and every investor’s desired port. It’s Mwanawasa’s regime that realized the potential in our farmers who Lungu and his minions keeps on mocking as mere kachemas. His government was a government of Laws rather than men. At the time of his passing, Zambia had a social and Economic safety shield that could withstand prolonged global shocks.A well established internal productivity had been ignited with a solid market environment. The country under his reign had truly exhibited it’s productivity potential across all the key sectors. Social cohesion across the tribal divide was visible with all Zambians feeling at home anywhere in Zambia. He created a secure and predictable environment for development and business speculation. His sudden death saw the take over by Rupiah Bwezani Banda.Mr Banda’s short tenure without question, altered the course of development trajectory but with remedial limits.

Much of what Mwanawasa had built was pulled down.Within a short space of time, the Patriotic Front under Michael Chilufya Sata took over government on the commitment to spur unprecedented development in pursuit of Vision 2030. Some restoration of the lost drive for Economic recovery and growth was reignited. It should be noted that Sata was an accomplished leader who had that charisma to instill discipline and enforce change. One thing I salute Sata for is the stance against those who stole public resources under Rupiah Bwezani Banda. At his passing, Zambia was crawling slowly into some semblance of normalcy with a number of capital projects started.. His passing, however, could be pronounced as the last nail in the coffin of Political, Social and Economic recovery of Zambia.

When Edgar Chagwa Lungu took over as the President, he immediately engaged into reverse mode. He worked against everything that should have pushed Zambia towards Vision 2030. He pulled out the key milestones from Kaunda, Mwanawasa, RB and Sata. He recalled the questionable characters that the mighty and strong Sata had trashed into the political waste bin as his advisors and cabinet ministers including the likes of Dora Siliya who insulted him by raising their middle fingers in our sacred house parliament.

Most of these men and women were experienced crooks who had turned fugitives from the disciplinarian in the person of Sata. Coming back with vegeance under the weak watch of Edgar Chagwa Lungu, they immediately took their satanic bite into the National cake. Within a short few months, the strategic reserves at BOZ were wiped clean, Eurobonds laundered through over Inflated contracts awarded to their cronies.

The rule of law was immediately trashed for selective application of the justice system. The borrowing spree and substandard infrastructure frenzy was ignited with a maddening drive. Second hand machinery were bought at over Inflated ceilings way off even the brand new state of the art ones( fire tenders, ambulances)
No amount of sense could stop the downward tilt of Zambia’s fortunes.Efforts to change the law were attempted in an effort to perpetuate their hold on power. Militancy was adopted by arming cadres to destroy, kill and eliminate Political competition.

Today, Zambia has defaulted on her loan due to massive Corruption, failure of the rule of law, and a very weak CEO in the person one Edgar Chagwa Lungu. What can anyone talk about the future with bailiffs grinding their axes? What can anyone talk about Zambia ever becoming a middle income earning country when Every pillar is being pulled down as thugs and drunkards are chief advisors now in key sectors.

With PF at the helm, Zambia is in a Mission Impossible trajectory. My fear is for our unborn children, what are we going to give them since Lungu has shamelessly taken over everything? My fellow young people of this great country wake up and save Zambia.

We have an absentee CEO who has the Dutch courage to sing a song of infrastructure built with borrowed money even when the country has defaulted. No exit plan for Zambia!

*The author of this article is Sikaile C. Sikaile : Good Governance and Human Rights Activist for Zambia and Amnesty International*


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