Lungu’s PF Youths demanding that President HH resigns, apply for a permit to stage a mass protest


Youths demanding that President Hakainde Hichilema resigns, apply for a permit to stage a mass protest


  1. Ubu ebo munfwa ati party yamashilu. No PF voted for HH. How come the minority who never voted for the ruling government stand and loudly say afumepo aleya?
    You were 1,800,000 who voted for your ECL and we are 2,800,000. PF are senseless and have no brains that are reasoning.
    If you are not happy with HH, go flat out and win the minds of 2800000 plus the new registered voters to be. Other wise you are a dead party and mind you you are- Empty vessels that make most noise.

  2. Which human rights are you talking about? Are you referring to HH or Your brutal ECL? Be realistic you characters. Have you forgotten how your president for minority treated people? Who could freely do what others including you are doing during your president reign? Is what you are intending to do coming from your brain or what? You have quickly forgotten the atrocity done by your govt at that time? Around this time people are free to do or say whatever they feel like doing as long as it is withing the law. We already know that your general brains are in disarray, what is right in the eyes of normal people to you it is a crime because you are used to a brutal way of living.
    You are talking about trips. Sure are you not seeing or hearing how connected Zambia is now globally? The issue here is about interdependence. We develop by getting connected to other countries.
    The third point about high cost of living. I wonder if you youths you are part of this planet earth, if you were part of this earth you couldn’t even for once talk about that. You don’t even need to get close to TV or listening to the radio or reading international or local news for you to be updated about what is happening from other countries. Go on Google and try to compare the cost of living between Zambia other countries you will understand that Zambia is a bit okay economically and the like. This is not Zambia problem alone. Everyone is complaining about the high cost of surviving. Also about the high cost of living it was your father Lungu and his people like given lubinda, Steven Kampyongo etc. Your father left the country in a mess and yet you are trying the blame HH. HH is trying his level best to lay the ground to become fertile for development. Stop hallucinating and just think on how you will organize your party so that it can be even on number 10 in 2026 general election

  3. Let them protest without police protection so we can give them an improved version of the violence they gave us when their Lungu was president. They will never do it again.

  4. Let them protest at their own perio they will meet musamba’s people ready to handle them,after all they are not too strong to handle the live bullets like upnd used to, immediately one bullet is released they will scamper to every direction like rats for good


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