Former President Edgar Lungu has advanced his plans to cause chaos and anarchy in the country and we are calling on all the security wings to be alert and thwart these evil plans.

Our intelligence wings need to up their game in protecting this country from both internal and external threats to national security. Edgar Lungu is a threat to peace and national security and must be treated as such. President Hakainde Hichilema should immediately get rid of people in the system who are cutting deals with criminals.

Edgar Lungu wants to use tribalism to divide this country. Yesterday, he paraded clowns to openly declare war on other tribes. This was not only careless but foolishness of the highest order.

Maureen Mabonga and Munir Zulu Members of Parliament for Mfuwe and Lumezi respectively, must be arrested immediately. We should not allow foolish talk to put this country on fire. We must preserve the spirit of One Zambia One nation.

Using the wealth he acquired through proceeds of crime, Edgar is determined to put this country on fire. Our security wings should also take keen interest to know who is buying pangas for junkies in our townships.

Zambia is bigger than Edgar Lungu and his minions. Edgar’s politics has no interest of the people or country, he is always personal. During his reign, citizens lived in fear. Innocent people were gassed, others were killed, we can’t allow him to bring back that terror. We believe our security wings are capable of putting a stop to this nonsense.

Despite the police giving regular updates on the missing Petauke Member of Parliament, Lungu decided to storm ibex Police as if Jay Jay was under police custody when he went missing. This lawlessness by the former head of state must be stopped immediately. Lungu must allow the police to do their job professionally without any interference.

Zambians must denounce the anarchists and preserve the peace that we are currently enjoying. Any threat to national security must thwarted immediately.

Romeo Kangombe
Sesheke Member of Parliament


  1. Yes our country is in danger. Some African leader was once accused by a neighbouring African state to be sponsoring rebels. Let us not allow this person to destroy our country.

  2. Romeo, emotions are part of us by inciting and giving instructions to the power that be to arrest the two MPs from Eastern province will not go well and will be seen as another political punishment on the people from eastern province. This is not the time of going after anyone who said what on a full neck speed as the emotions are too high to ignore especially from the people from the eastern region. Umulandu taubola . The does not dispear its in print and electronic forms. The government should play to emotions but act in a mature manner and use its power or authority in a modesty and restraint manner to achieve the desired outcome.
    The power is sweet and can be used in a manner that does not resonate or resolve issues when those in power always acts with emotions like the agitated people

  3. The behaviour of some opposition is very worrying.Nearly every week we have a situation.Why?I hope we shall not have any puzzles any more.These brain teazers are so disturbing.

  4. We had peace and tranquility from 2021 to 2023, then all hell broke loose when Vipers returned to the political ring.
    The Snake knows his days are numbered in court! His family cases of embezzlement and unexplained wealth are quickly catching up with him.
    What he wants to do now is “Ukufilila munsenga!” And he doesn’t care at whose expense he does that.
    It’s not like he cares about the suffering Zambians! If he truly cared, he wouldn’t have opened the floodgates of corruption by encouraging Ubomba Mwibala to eat Mwibala!
    We must either hand this snake to Kagame to answer for the rebel activities he is reportedly financing in Rwanda or put him under lock and key!
    He is a desperately wicked Snake!
    Your days are numbered mambala!
    You have started what you won’t be able to accomplish!
    We are watching you and we are ready to come out of retirement in full combat to defend my country from banthu balibe nzelu!

  5. People who are capable of gassing their own citizens can do anything, take their insurance of early elections very very seriously, as you investigate this issue of abduction

  6. People who are capable of gassing their own citizens can do anything, take their insistance of early elections very very seriously, as you investigate this issue of abduction

  7. I tend to agree with Romeo. This was stage managed with a view to incite an insurrection with ethnic sentiment. We only have one zambia. The matter must be thoroughly investigated and all culprits brought to book. No sacred. When these people were stealing their tribes were not consulted neither did they partake in the spoils.

  8. Lungu must be granted house arrest or else he will be destroy this nation.
    NB: He was a president for this Nation – Zambia – left a lot of his subordinates in all sectors.
    He was a Commander in Chief for all àrmed forces and has other senor men in uniform as at now because of his behavior he is worrisome to us civilians.
    He had appointed his own people in public and private civil service and are still their.
    So he is not an ordinary and commoner like the Mmembe, and others.
    He is harmful serpent and not a dove.

  9. Don’t blame Lungu for your failures. And now you have started mingalato of abductions and to blame it on Lungu who has no time such dull mingalato. Infact Sikaile told the country that Unpd has issues with crime committed by Jay Banda before 2021 elections. After your mingalato has failed you want to accuse Lungu of abduction. Lungu has no issues with Jay Banda. Infact Lungu has been working with Jay Banda peacefully, how can he turn around and abduct him. Upnd should just concentrate on doing the right things in governing the country because all these things you are scheming are irritating the citizens very much. And result of irritation is anger and hate. So where do you think you will get votes in 2026 if citizen are annoyed with you. Mingalato like Miles Hasampa’s fake PF presidency, we all know it’s Hichilema and Upnd behind that! So if Upnd can do what they doing to PF in broad day light, what can stop them from doing worse things in the night! But Upnd should know that these mingalatos they are doing will back fire very badly on them, and that will be the end of Upnd! And it will very difficult for another Tonga to rule this country again!

  10. Quote “… President Hakainde Hichilema should immediately get rid of people in the system…” Kangombe says! Someone is reading the Putin manual for political muyaya survival !!!


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