Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa

By Barotseland Watchdog


Enstranged Nalikwanda UPND member of parliament Prof Geoffrey Lungwangwa has led a platoon of Zambia Police officers to Nakanya area of Mongu district to rescue PF cadres being pursued by the coffin of deceased opposition UPND ward councilor, Muyunda Silenga.

Prof Lungwangwa, a Zambian politician who hails from Barotseland, was compelled to lead police officers after Silenga’s casket ran amok and ‘attacked’ a well-known PF cadre only identified as Libuwe and his younger brother.

Prior to his bizarre death in Kitwe in Zambia’s Copperbelt Province, Silenga had resigned as Nakanya UPND ward councilor on grounds that he was in search of greener pastures.

Eyewitnesses narrated that the casket carrying Silenga’s remains reached Nakanya on Monday accompanied by a witchdoctor from Kalumwange area in Kaoma who tatooed the body before applying certain substances on it.

“They sealed the coffin and suddenly it rose on its own and started moving in the air. People started running behind it. It was taking us towards bo Libuwe’s village,” Lubasi Mbangweta told BWD. “As the coffin drew closer to Libuwe’s place, he bolted and headed in the direction of Luandui. The coffin then turned to pursue Libuwe’s young brother and when he ran away, it went into his house and sat on his bed.”

Mbangweta narrated that a sizeable group of residents took off and pursued fugitive Libuwe towards the direction of Luandui and they only managed to catch him 30 kilometres away.

“They brought him back to Nakanya where they started hitting him together with his brother. There is pandemonium here,” said Mbangweta. “Prof Lungwangwa has brought police officers from Mongu to come and cool down the situation.”

SOURCE: Barotseland Watchdog


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