Lusaka Immigration arrest Chinese couple found with 5 Vietnamese women as sex slaves


Lusaka Immigration arrest Chinese couple found with sex slaves

AUTHORITIES in Lusaka have a arrested a Chinese couple who had been holding five women they used as sex slaves.

Lusaka’s Roma area witnessed an intense scene of justice when three Chinese nationals were nabbed in a thrilling undercover operation conducted by the Department of Immigration in Zambia.

The suspects, Peng Pan and Yuqi Jia, found themselves in the hot seat after concerned citizens blew the whistle on their alleged involvement in a sex trafficking ring.

Responding swiftly to the tip-off, a team of immigration officers, accompanied by other security wings, descended upon a popular restaurant and pub in the heart of Roma.

As the officers stealthily explored the premises, they stumbled upon a hidden underworld of exploitation. Behind closed doors, they found five Vietnamese women, aged between 17 and 31, held against their will.

Condoms lay discarded in the rooms, revealing the sinister intentions of their captors.

To their surprise, when asked for their passports, the Vietnamese women pointed the officers in the direction of none other than Peng Pan and Yuqi Jia.

But the audacious couple attempted to deny any association with the passports.

Pan and Jia, who denied having the passports were discovered with two blank passports belonging to unknown individuals.

The Vietnamese alleged that Pan and Jia had invited them to Zambia to work but confiscated their passports upon arrival, and offered them to clients for sex at a rate of US$400 per night.

According a statement released by Immigrations Department public relations officer Namati Nshinka, explicit video footage was found on one of the Vietnamese’s phones, showing Pan coaching them in sexual techniques.

Nshika further disclosed that Gang Liu, another Chinese national who owns the property where the restaurant and pub were located, was subsequently apprehended after being identified in the explicit video clips.

“(Liu) was apprehended at Immigration Headquarters where he had gone to inquire about his compatriots. He was taken into custody after being identified as one of the persons in the explicit video clips.,” said Nshika.

He said suspects are currently in detention pending further investigations.

By Moses Makwaya



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