Lusaka man buries wife’s pant for rituals


Lusaka man buries wife’s pant for rituals

A WOMAN of Lusaka stunned the Matero Local Court when she produced her red pant which her husband allegedly buried in their yard to bewitch her.

Inness Banda told Magistrate Harriet Mulenga that her husband, Moses Banda, threatened to kill her if she continued to live with him because he had lost interest in her.

In this matter, Innes sued her husband for marriage reconciliation.

Innes said she had lost her red underwear and that she searched for it for almost a month but did not find it.

“My husband buried my underwear within our yard. One day, I while I was cleaning the surrounding, I discovered something which looked like someone had dug and later covered it. I got curious because the place was hidden and no one could ever think otherwise. So I decided to dig it and check what was there. I was schooled to discover that my pant was buried there,” she said.

Iness said she did not use why her husband buried her underwear when the two have been married for many years and God blessed them with children.

“My pant had something which looked like charms, and from that day, I have been scared to live with him. I started sleeping in an incomplete building until a good samaritan took me in and gave me shelter,” she said.

Iness accused Moses of spending money on friends and not his own family.

In his statement, Moses denied burying his wife’s underwear.

He said he suffered at the hands of his wife for many years and his health has never been the same but he could not kill her or injure her in any way.

Magistrate Harriet Mulenga noted that the couple was not ready to be reconciled because of the issues which they brought up before the court.

“Reconsiliation has failed in this matter, any aggrieved party should sue the other for divorce,” she said.

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail


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