Lusaka man loses marriage for bullying wife on Facebook


Lusaka man loses marriage for bullying wife on Facebook

A MAN of Lusaka’s Zingalume Compund who was using Facebook to bully his wife has been chucked out from the honorable institution of marriage.

Instead of reacting with love imojis and sweet comments on his wife’s Facebook photos, Johnathan Lungu aged 40 always some how seized the opportunity to remind Charity Mbuma of how fat and shapeless she had become.

And so, after unfriending him on Facebook, Charity dragged her husband to the Lusaka Boma Local Court where she demanded to end her 16-year marriage ties with him.

In submitting her case, Charity revealed that bedsides her husband annoying comments on her Facebook photos, he also fantasised about emulating crime documentaries he watched on TV about spouse killings.

Charity complained that Lungu always spoke about how beautiful the wives of his friends were compared to her.

As if that was not enough, Charity said her husband even called her useless in front of the couple’s four children.

“he called me an enemy of progress, when I was studying, he would always tell me that there are prettier women that he would go to, even when I post a picture on Facebook, he would comment telling me that I am too fat and tell me that they are more slender women that he knew.

“For the same reason, he even chased me from the master bedroom and I had to sleep with the children for six months. He reached an extent of telling me that at his workplace, the guards have guns and he could easily borrow one to shoot me with if I don’t leave him, I got scared and went to live with my sister in Libala,” Charity told the court.

But in his defence, Lungu said Charity changed when she started going for nursing school as she always became busy on her phone studying, and ignored him a lot when she went to prepare for her final exams at a boarding house.

“My friends would always boast about their wives, but I wouldn’t about mine because she had changed, she doesn’t even respect me,” said Lungu.

He added that he still loved his wife and would not want to divorce her although Charity insisted she did not want him because he had promised to change many times.

Magistrate Petronella Kalyelye however granted the couple divorce on basis that it was proven that the two had verbal marital disputes.

“Divorce has been granted, the 5 year-old child will be with the mother, and shall be maintained with K800 monthly, while the other 3 elder children will be with the father. Properties acquired together to be shared equally,” said Magistrate Kalyelye.

By Buumba Mwitumwa



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