Lusaka woman attempts to uproot cheating hubby’s manhood


Lusaka woman attempts to uproot cheating hubby’s manhood

A WELDER of Lusaka’s John Leingh Compound has narrated to the Boma Local Court how his wife almost uprooted his manhood on suspicion that he was using it to solder other women.

Testifying in case where he had been sued for divorce, Chanda Tembo aged 38 recounted how he was awakened by excruciating pain in his groin area one night, only to find his wife’s hands firmly gripped on his biological welding rod and pulling it as if she were taking part in a must-win Olympics tug-of-war contest.

He said the pain was unbearable and his wife did not stop pulling despite him begging her to stop.

Fortunately for Tembo, pulled as she might that night, his 27 year old wife Beatrice Kandela did not manage to separate his prized baby-making organ from the rest of his cheating body.

However from the pulling ordeal, Tembo said he became powerless and spent over week home nursing then pain.

Tembo told court that Beatrice forced herself on him in order to chew his money saying he only married her in 2014 when she refused to go home after a sleepover.

However, when he fell on hard times after losing his job, Beatrice became disrespectful and accused him of cheating whenever he returned home late from helping his taxi driver brother.

For her part, Beatrice admitted to pulling Tembo’s manhood saying he was a shameless adulterer who had several girlfriends some of whom he even brought to the matrimonial bed.

The mother of two said she felt like like pulling the manhood of her husband was the befitting punishment for his infidelity.

In the meantime, Beatrice laughed off Tembo’s claims that she only wanted to chew his money saying she had never received anything more than K30 from him to feed the couple’s two children.

She said Tembo had even chased her from home when she became pregnant in 2021 and the couple has been on separation since.

In ruling on the matter, Senior local court Magistrate Mpundu Mwape Fwambo, Magistrate Peggy Nyambe granted the couple divorce on basis that there too many issues of extramarital affairs and unreasonable behaviour from both parties.

“This marriage ended a long time ago in 2021 what we are giving you is just a legal confirmation that it is over. Custody of the children has however been granted to the mother and they shall be maintained with K800 monthly effective June 30, 2023. Subject to review yearly,” said Magistrate Nyambe.

By Buumba Mwitumwa



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