Lusaka woman implicates devil in her sexual affair with married man


Lusaka woman implicates devil in her sexual affair with married man

A WOMAN of Lusaka’s Garden compound, who has been dragged to court by the wife of a man she was having a sexual affair with, has pleaded for mercy, sayin it is the devil that inspired her.

Josephine Sitali, 28, was in the Lusaka Boma Local Court for flooding the WhatsApp inbox of her ex-lover’s wife, Margaret Kalimba, 37, with insulting voice notes.

It is reported that Josephine, a banana seller had been too busy with her business to find a husband, hence being single for a long time.

However, the fear of cobwebs completely sealing off her unutilised cave of sweetness made her lure another woman’s husband, James Mwamba aged 44, into a sexual relationship.

And after countless steamy fornication sessions with Mwamba, Josephine asked him to make her his second wife but he declined and called of the relationship.

Unprepared to lose a man who had efficiently ploughed her to ecstasy, Josephine decided to approach Mwamba’s wife and plead that she be allowed to be co-wife.

But when Margaret rejected the idea of sharing a husband, Josephine went on the offensive, bought so che bundles and depeleted gallons upon galons of saliva composing and sending insults to her via WhatsApp leading to a lawsuit in the Lusaka Boma Local Court.

In her defence, Josephine apologised for the insults saying she was no husband snatcher but was only driven into an affair with a married man by loneliness and sexual starvation.

“Otherwise am not a husband snatcher, the devil only tempted me to get into a sexual relationship with James because I was single for a long time and I desperately needed a man’s romantic touch,” Josephine told the court.

Meanwhile as the two women stood in opposite docks of the courtroom, Mwamba, the man at the centre of the legal battle took the front row seat holding his wife’s phone that contained the alleged insults from his side side chick.

Judgement in the matter was adjourned to another date.

By Buumba Mwitumwa



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