ByAlfred A FL Nyambe

An officially married woman of Makeni Simoson was last week beaten up for admiring photos of an Engineer and Fitness trainer, Imasiku Mwiya.

Imasiku’s photos, who’s also a lecturer at National Resources & Development College (NRDC), were posted on 8th, 2021 in Zambia Reports page.
Natasha Mulenga whose phone was under repair, had no access to social media until her phone returned from the local repairers who are not very experienced thus taking too long to have it repaired.

She logged in on Facebook with her Infinix Hot7 bought by her husband and opened the page for Zambia Reports. Scrolling down while enjoying this and that, Natasha, nurse by professional, hit upon the photos for Imasiku.
“Ava ndiye type ya bamuna v’e tifuna ava,” said Natasha in the presence of George Banda, her husband.

“Oh my gosh! Such are the type of men we want. Not some men, only a voice is what will tell you that this person is man.”
George who had thrown his legs one resting on a stool another on the table comfortably watching highlights of Manchester United vs Leicester City, was irritated by the comment his wife put in front of the photos she was watching on Facebook. He grabbed the phone from her in order to see the so much praised pictures. But before he could take a glance at them, his wife grabbed it back to her and opened her mouth saying, “Imwe na imwe, muli nuu kukumbwa mwa muna mudzanu sure, nipatseni foni yanga!”

George turned like Dean Ambrose in a fight with J Styles, or someone who had done martial arts, serviced and overhauled his wife for the first time, punted and booted her like a ball kicked by Patson Daka playing with Cameroon. The woman floated in the air and she almost kissed the roof. She fell like a bag of sorghum falling from a moving truck especially Volvo truck on the mat bought from one of the Indian shops in Kamwala.

“Mayo!” She cried as she hit her head on the floor. The phone flew and it found itself bathing in the pot of soup of Buka Buka fish which the woman left uncovered as she wanted to serve her husband but she concentrated on the phone.

George is one of the best kickers we have in Zambia. One kick and the wife fainted.
When asked why she could applaud and express admiration for another man in the presence of her husband, Natasha said she did so as a revenge to make him feel the way she feels when her husband keeps praising other women with big behind as she is just a 32 inches flat screen TV.
To defend himself, George repudiated and declared untrue about the accusations laid against him and said,

“She just doesn’t have respect for me. How can a married woman have courage to praise other men in the presence of her husband? Let her not compare me to Imasiku. I can also become like him as long as I have money. Going for gym requires money and enough time. But instead of me going to gym, I go for work and manage to feed this ungrateful hungry spirit. If I concentrate on gym and I don’t bring money home, she will be in front to complain that I don’t feed her. Why don’t women appreciate? Why are they not satisfied with what they have?”

On passing the judgement, Mr Leonard, Natasha’s uncle, said, “Never should you disrespect the man who manages and makes sure you eat 3 times a day no matter what! Live peacefully and take care of two kids.”


Women should appreciate the little their husbands are doing for them. And they should never compared their men to other men.
Below are the photos of Imasiku which caused the fight.



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