….as he vows to sue those recognising the illegal PF led by Miles Sampa.

Lusaka… Saturday, December 16, 2023 ( Smart Eagles)

The Patriotic Front is intact in all the structures, party Deputy Chairperson for Mobilization Hon. Bowman Chilosha Lusambo has assured party members.

Hon Lusambo said all the structures are solid and only recognise Edgar Chagwa Lungu as PF President.

He said those who want to be President must join the queue and not through illegal means.

He said Matero Lawamker Miles Sampa is behaving the way he is because he cannot even win against a councillor from Kabushi.

Alias The Bulldozer, Lusambo has threatened to sue those addressing Miles Sampa PF President.

“Miles has no People. He has committed an offence which will follow him to the grave. Today he can enjoy with the incumbency, tomorrow that security will not be there. The best thing to do is to respect the constitution of Zambia. The people Supporting Miles sampa, it is a shame. We know He committed an illegality, Shame upon ZNBC, they even mention him as PF President,” he said.

And Hon Lusambo has slammed the UPND for trying to use technocrats to advance their selfish political agenda.

He has cautioned Technocrats against falling prey to a politician’s tricks.

“If there there were no politicians, the world would have been better. The things happening in Zambia today we can even see that they are not using their brains, they are using their egos,” he said.

Hon Lusambo has also stated that the Opposition are being blocked because of the depleted state the UPND is in.

“Ba UPND balipwa, they are looking like a political party because of the police. If I was given a free lane to do politics alone, one run, kubapwisha ba UPND. The people of Zambia have already decided,” he said.

“They should allow me, if they think they are popular, to hold a single rally in Lusaka, Central or Copperbelt province. Let they allow me alone to address that rally then they will know that our people have already decided. 2026, kuyabebele


  1. Sue away Mr. Lusambo…. Lets see if you can manage the personal opinions people have on an issue that each man has been endowed to form an opinion on by God given faulties.
    One has to wonder how shallow certain people can be….lol. Besides havent your peers tried to sue the Speaker and the same courts you want to run to have thrown the issue out? Lets see you go bankrupt in these vain attempts…lol


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