Lusambo meets Russian ambassador to Zambia Azim Yarakhmedov


Lusambo meets Russian ambassador to Zambia Azim Yarakhmedov

Lusambo writes…

Former Kabushi Member of Parliament, Hon. Bowman Chilosha Lusambo this afternoon met Russian Ambassador to Zambia, Azim Yarakhmedov.

Hon. Lusambo who is also former Minister of Lusaka Province, says a number of issues have been discussed with the Ambassador, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, in interests of the two nation.

In a meeting that took about two hours, also attended by Embassy of Russia Counsellor, Dmitry Yudin, Hon. Lusambo says he is delighted to have had a fruitful meeting with the Russian Envoy.

Zambia and Russia have enjoyed cordial relations for decades.


  1. Would this meeting have been possible under the autocratic, repressive and backwards PF regime under which the fellow served as Provincial Minister? This meeting goes to prove the difference between the PF regime and the New Dawn Government.

  2. What sense has Lusambo acquired now for him to have audience with the Russian ambassador? Is he still in government to hold meetings with ambassadors? Hopefully he was seeking refuge in Russia. Lol

  3. Me bowman lusambo in my shallow mind failing to accept that I am no longer in government and that I may never be there again. Please fellow citizens, help me accept reality. I am bulging necilaka ca power. Kuti napooka.


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