MAFINGA PF MP Robert Chabinga says he will continue to work and support President Hakainde Hichilema in order to foster development in the country.

Mr Chabinga said his declaration to work with the UPND’s New Dawn administration led by President Hichilema does not mean he has any intentions of defecting to the ruling party.

He said in an interview that he has decided to support President Hichilema to foster the country’s developmental agenda which has been lacking in Mafinga.

Mr Chabinga said PF members saying that he has defected to UPND are mislead because he is still saving as PF member of parliament.
“If I have defected to UPND, then I defected when the UPND increased CDF to over K50 million from a paltry K1.6 million under PF, and when UPND employed over 30000 teachers and over 11000 health workers,” he said

He also said that during the PF reign government failed to look into the plight of education needs for the people in his constituency saying that what PF failed to do has now been done within the one-year UPND has been in government.

Mr Chabinga said he has no apologies to anyone for his resolution to support and work with the UPND because his interest is to see development in the country.

“We gave President Hichilema and the UPND 10000 votes but we are the first to receive CDF just like any other constituencies in the country,” he said.

Mr Chabinga said he wants to be in an environment of politics for saving the people instead of politics of antagonistic.
And Mr Chabinga said President Hichilema is not selective in distribution of resources and that where people did not vote for him, he is sending resources including CDF.

He has meanwhile commended the New Dawn administration on debt restructuring saying will help the government embark on major projects such as road construction.
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