Maize yield per province from 2019-2022


Maize yield per province from 2019-2022

1. Central-664,000 mt

2. Eastern Province-614,000 metric tonnes.

3. Southern Province-489,000metric tonnes

4. Muchinga-332,000 MT

5.Northern Province-330 metric tonnes.

When Muchinga and Northern Province were one, they would top the production list.


  1. What we focus on tends to grow!
    If you continue focusing on problems, your problems will multiply. When you focus on blame games, you get more players wasting valuable energy on blame games.
    When you focus on solutions on the way forward, more ideas come on board and before you know it, lives are saved.
    One idea the Ministry of Agriculture needs to adopt and role out is the idea of a Pfumfudza Plot, developed by The Foundation for Farming in Zimbabwe, a brilliant idea every household should adopt for their family food security needs!
    Sometimes we think it’s ploughing of vast lands that will improve food security and the answer is a very big NO!
    The bigger you want to go, the more expensive it gets and you battle to do things very well and end up with very poor yields!
    Rural Zimbabwean farmers who adopted this concept of conservation farming on a very small field of 16 meters by 39 meters, with a spacing of 75cm between lines and 60 cm between planting stations have been able to produce between 800 (16 by 50kg bags) and 1,000 Kg (20 by 50kg bags) of Maize, enough to feed a family of 6 for a whole year! DO NOT BURN YOUR FIELDS! Use any dry crop residual or dead matter to cover your soils! That way, moisture is retained in the soil, weeds are suppressed and as the mulch gets degraded, your soils become rich in nutrients!
    Thanks to Foundation for Farming method, some of us have a very good harvest this year because we adopted this concept! It has low input costs, only 2 kg Maize seed, 16grams Eccoterex granules for Fall Army worm control, applied at 2 weeks after germination, 12 kg lime, 8kg basal fertilizer, 2 tonnes manure (any), 16kg top dressing, and labor.
    YouTube has several videos from foundation for farming.
    Instead of wasting time listening to Negative minds, go to YouTube and search for Foundation for Farming method or Pfumfudza Plot and plant now under irrigation! By June, you will be harvesting enough food to last you for not less than another year (you will have enough food to last till June 2025)!
    Get to work immediately you finish studying this method. Aim to plant this field by 15th March 2024 and install drip irrigation using just one average drum for easy watering!
    In 3 months, you will have enough food!

  2. What was the whole statistics for. ? Why are we so preoccupied with tribalism ? Do we have to show which province produces more copper which is the main stay of our economy ?


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