Malawi ex-ruling party returns graft ‘tainted’ money


Malawi’s former ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has apologised for accepting a cash kickback from a company under corruption investigation.

In 2017, while still in power, the party was accused of receiving $85,000 (£68,000) from Pioneer Investment in a controversial food rations deal.

Former President Peter Mutharika was reportedly the sole signatory of the DPP account at the time.

In a statement on Wednesday, the party’s spokesperson, Shadric Namalomba, said they refunded it “out of regret for receiving money which was tainted with these serious allegations”.

The Pioneer Investment’s chief is currently facing corruption charges for allegedly inflating the amount of the contract with the Malawi Police Service to supply food rations.

Youth and Society (YAS), a rights group, filed a court case against the DPP and two other parties.

The DPP disassociated itself from any dealings with Pioneer Foods, saying it was a law-abiding political party.

In 2021, the government froze Mr Mutharika’s bank accounts and arrested some of his party officials over corruption allegations.

Mr Mutharika has accused the current government of politically prosecuting him but the authorities have maintained that they are simply following the law.

In June 2020, Mr Mutharika lost his re-election bid to Lazarus Chakwera, an anti-corruption crusader.

The former president is reportedly planning a comeback in the 2025 general election.


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