VIDEO: Malawian Man Proposes To Marry Pope Of Roman Catholic


Malawian man has sent a word of proposal to marry the leader of the Roman Catholic Church Pope Francisco.

In a certain video which has gone viral on social media, is showing a man calling himself Comrade Big Joe The Lions of Kaning’ina sending love messages to Pope claiming he got everything he only wants Pope to be his wife.

This comes barely after four days Pope Francisco allowed priest in Roman Catholic church to bless same sex couples.

The development has brought mixed reactions around the world as some church leaders has described it as forbidden development.


  1. This Malawian Gay fella also! You can see his clean shave indicating he is totally se/gay. His coloureds clothing adds the flavour to it all. He has illusions of Gay Sex with the pope, he is totally sick . Where is the Malawian Church to denounce all this stupidity and protect the Church?


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