A Nigerian man is reported to have collapsed and died after reading the DNA test results which showed that he was not the biological father of his only son.

The death of the man and the alleged paternal fraud penetrated on him has gone viral on social media platforms in Nigeria.

According to reports from the Western country, the man whose name has not been released was based abroad.

The hapless man is reported to have become suspicious about his wife’s fidelity after he stumbled on a Snapchat video showing that his wife was cheating on him with another man.

Hurt by the betrayal, he decided to carry out paternity DNA tests to find out if he was the true biological father of the couple’s son.Nigerian-Man-Snapchat-001

Unfortunately, for him, the results came out negative. He is said to have suffered a cardiac arrest. Efforts to resuscitate him were unsuccessful and he died.

The man’s death has sparked a heated debate on Nigerian social media platforms about the issues of paternity fraud and DNA tests. Some have called on DNA tests to become mandatory for all children at birth. However, others are arguing that people should only carry out DNA tests when they are able to handle the results if they are not favourable.

Others also called on men to avoid subjecting themselves to unnecessary anguish by demanding tests whose results they may not be able to live with. Below are some of the reactions from Nigerian social media platforms.


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